Other People In Your Chart: How Your Natal Transits Tell Their Story


Did you know that you can see what's happening in the lives of family, friends and lovers by studying your natal chart?

Transits to your chart will illustrate changes in your life. This includes those you are involved with. Because unless you live in a vacuum, part of your chart includes the people you interact with.

For this analysis you must know your exact house positions. This means having an accurate birth time (birth time determines the sign and degree of the 1st house and all the other houses follow this position). Different houses represent different people.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • 3rd House: siblings and cousins
  • 4th House: your parents in general, your father specifically
  • 5th House: your children
  • 6th House: people who work for you, including servicemen, contractors, etc.
  • 7th House: your partner(s) (both business and romantic)
  • 8th House: your partner's finances
  • 9th House: teachers and priests
  • 10th House: your mother, your boss at work
  • 11th House: friends, groups you belong to
  • 12th House: secret enemies

Some of you might wonder why the 10th House represents the mother and the 4th represents the father.  Traditional astrology laid out these house rulerships (visit this site for all the information you could ask for on traditional astrology) and in my experience they are accurate. Some modern astrologers will say that the 10th belongs to the father (since it is naturally ruled by Capricorn) and the 4th belongs to the mother (naturally ruled by Cancer). Draw your own conclusions but in this case I defer to the original rules.

If Saturn is transiting your 7th House you know your marriage/partnership is going to be impacted. But take a closer look at what's happening with your partner. He or she might be depressed or weighed down by responsibility. Uranus in the 3rd? There could be upheaval in the life of your brother (or sister). Jupiter transiting your 9th House can bring a mentor into your life. Pluto in the 4th can mean huge changes regarding the status of one or both parents (retirement, illness). Neptune drifting into your 8th could be a warning that your husband's income will be unreliable for the next few years.

Before you draw any conclusions, look at the person's chart for the full story. But these transits can be a heads-up. And it creates a richer interpretation when you consider how "your" transits might be affecting other people.

If you really want something to wrap your mind around, check out the house in their chart that represents you. Is it being hit by any transits?