Tarot Spread: "The Bridge" or What's The Connection Between The Two of You?

I've done Tarot readings for some of you.  Nothing beats Tarot for a quick, to-the-point answer. While this is primarily an astrology blog I'm going to start posting about Tarot as well.

So, for my first post I'm going discuss a 3 card spread that I've learned fairly recently (within the past 2 years).  I call it The Bridge (no idea what its original name is). It's a nice, neat snapshot of the relationship between two entities. This can be two people, a person and their job (or potential job), a person and their goal...the possibilities are endless.

Card 1 is the 1st entity, card 2 is the energy (bridge) that connects (or blocks) and card 3 is the 2nd entity. This spread doesn't say anything about the future. It just tells you what the story is right now. But if the bridge card is the 10 of Swords (absolute ending) you can be sure that the connection is going no where or, at the very least, is unhealthy.

Cards 1 and 3 will tell you what's going on with the two entities in their relationship with each other. Let's say you wanted to know how X feels about you. Card 1 is you and it's The Empress. Card 3 is X and it's the Page of Pentacles. The Empress gives (because she has a lot to offer) but she's also a Major Arcana (trump or universal symbol) card. The Page is a Minor Arcana. She's the Great Mother, he's the student.

I've found that the person symbolized by a Major has more invested in the relationship. So the Empress has more to give than our Page but she also expects much more. The Page is a nice guy, and is enthusiastic about the Empress, but he could get overwhelmed by her attention.

What I love about this spread is that it can tell you immediately if you're on track. How close are you (card 1) to meeting your goal (card 3)? If the bridge card is the 8 of Wands (swift action) reversed then you know there's a block.