Truth or Lies? Mercury's Transit of Pisces

Mercury entered Pisces yesterday. This is one of the most psychic sign/planet blends because it mixes conscious thought (Mercury) with subconscious energy (Pisces). Add to that the extra shot of spiritual energy it received as it passed over Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces and you have a recipe for true clairvoyance.

There's real potential here for seeing what's actually happening in a situation.  If you can transcend (Pisces) what's superficial (Mercury) and step beyond the limits of your intellect...who knows what you'll uncover?  Now, we're talking about Pisces here so things can easily swing in the other direction: facts get lost in a haze of deception, misunderstandings and wishful thinking. So what's it going to be for you?

The Pisces area of your chart might be difficult for you to get a handle on. It could be that part of your life where you have trouble setting/reaching goals. You reach out for something and it just fades away. Or maybe you avoid what's going on there altogether. Those of you in tune with Pisces energy have probably embraced this area with all its meaning, grace and healing. Whether you're loving the Pisces vibe or not, this transit of Mercury can help you focus some of that energy.

What to do with Mercury in Pisces:

  • Consider how what you don't know about a situation can clarify things
  • Let go of impossible dreams (you can distinguish these from legitimate dreams  because the impossible ones make you feel like crap)
  • Pick one legitimate dream (the one that fills you with hope) and brainstorm ways to make it happen
  • Pay attention to what others are not saying: the tension between their words and your expectations will give you all the information you need

Play this energy the right way and you can discover the truth about any situation. Mercury will stay in Pisces until March 2nd.