Born Again Aries

The Sun moves into Aries tomorrow, marking the Spring Equinox and a season of new beginnings. As an Aries you're always first out of the gate. But this year you'll be propelled forward by some planetary rocket fuel.

Saturn has just about finished its tour of your opposite sign (Libra). Those crushing restrictions are finally being lifted. Thank goodness(!) because how else could you deal with Uranus' mad insistence (as it transits your sign) that you completely overthrow anything old, stale or expected? Uranus will be stirring you up until 2018 and, even though you thrive on excitement, the static it throws off may be a bit much for you at times.

Tips on dealing with Uranus in your sign:

  • Before you give in to Uranus' demands and toss aside your job/relationship/life savings...stop. Taking a moment to think will activate the detached clarity of Uranian energy. The temptation to burn all bridges and start fresh will be replaced by the knowledge of what actually needs to be changed.
  • Try to view anything/anyone that comes into your life right now as a catalyst instead of a keeper.  Uranus does not favour long term. I'm not saying that long term is impossible, just don't bet on it.
  • You're going to get agitated. Uranus creates nervous energy so find some healthy ways (like hard core exercise) to burn it off.

And let's not forget about the square from transiting Pluto in Capricorn coming at you. Between June, 2012 and March, 2015, Uranus and Pluto will form an exact square 7 times.  It's going to be tough. Uranus will be screaming for you to move full speed ahead but you'll bump into external authority/power/controls that will threaten to shut you down. How you deal with this (it will involve a total re-boot of your approach to authority) will be critical. I'll write more detailed posts as we approach each of these 7 hot spots. For now, know that these combined transits will create a savvier, stronger Aries. Yes, I know that you're already strong. But you're about to get even stronger.

Imagine that.

You'll feel these transits if you have any planets or angles (cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th Houses) in Aries. But those with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in Aries will be hit the hardest.