Horoscopes for March 18th to March 25th


Mercury retrograde unites with Uranus in Aries on March 18th. This conjunction could feature a repeat of events from March 5th (When Mercury and Uranus first united) so be prepared to revisit the unexpected. March 22nd's New Moon in Aries will fall close to Uranus, firing up new beginnings with detachment and the absolute need to break from the past.


As if things haven't been eventful enough, Mercury's repeat conjunction with Uranus gives you another look, chance or visit.  Are you sure this is the right decision? The signs will be obvious (and demanding)but don't hesitate to question yourself one more time. Your decisions are critical because the New Moon will use this event as an acceleration point.  You want to start this next chapter on the right foot.


There's so much happening behind the scenes. Mercury's second visit to Uranus demands that you dig deep and look at what's really happening. Unacknowledged developments and hidden messages need to be revealed before you can move forward. Use this opportunity to prepare yourself because the New Moon will expose everything, ready or not. Awareness and your willingness to act immediately can put you on the right path and make the process surprisingly easy.


It's time to revisit a group, organization or friendship. What can they tell you? As your ruler (Mercury)meets with Uranus, the truth comes out. You may have ignored the signs the first time around but it's in your best interest to act on this information now. The New Moon will place you in an entirely new social venue or mode of awareness regarding your relationship to others. You'll need accurate information to navigate so pay attention to what people around you are saying.


Watch for a second chance at a career opportunity or enlightening conversation with higher-ups. Blind spots/misconceptions regarding future goals will be revealed. You'll want to act quickly on all information, even if it's not exactly what you want to hear. You could feel challenged, pressed for decisions or feel like you have to defend your public image.  Use this energy to prepare yourself; the New Moon (your ruler) will open up a brand new path to your future ambitions. You'll need complete awareness (and a thicker skin) to walk it successfully.


Get ready to take things on faith. Mercury's second visit to Uranus can show you a coincidence or moment of synchronicity that can't be denied. Although this will be a second chance, it's up to you to act quickly. You may question if you should or can. If you're still not sure, imagine what will happen if you put things off. If you're not ok with missing out, that's your answer. The New Moon can show you a surprising new start or possibility that involves more than you currently have. The catch is you'll need courage to take advantage of it.


Get ready for one more twist regarding what you share or control. By now you've seen that "control" is an illusion and your ruler's (Mercury) second visit to Uranus will drive this point home. Taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances may change yet again so pay attention to what is revealed. Alternatively, emotional impulses or reactions may catch you off guard. What's said in the heat of the moment may be rooted in fear or anxiety but it will be true. If you carry this knowledge forward with you, the New Moon can offer solutions, release or a way out.


Mercury's second conjunction to Uranus could signal the return of a relationship issue or discussion. You might have thought it was over but details still need to be hashed out. If you are undecided, don't rush to make any decisions just yet. The New Moon will offer a breakthrough or clear signal on what your next move should be. A relationship status could change dramatically or someone new and unexpected could appear on the scene.


Daily routines continue to get stirred up. Mercury retrograde's conjunction to Uranus could mean that a health issue flares up again. Work routines/details could become unsettled as overlooked information or mistakes are discovered. Watch for co-workers to change their minds or alter their plans. Avoid making firm decisions for now as everything is in flux. The New Moon should offer some relief as it reveals a solution or way forward.


This week will give you a chance to revisit a creative project/idea or romantic encounter. Events will catch you by surprise but it will be a chance to recapture something you may have missed. The urge to gamble on something or someone will be strong so make sure the risks are worth it; there's no guarantees. The New Moon will show you exciting possibilities and a way to express your special talents or goal. Now's your chance to show everyone what you can do.


Home and family life will continue to be unsettled. Mercury's second visit with Uranus indicates the return of a discussion, legal document or relocation issue. Although this will feel like a re-run, the theme continues to be moving on from the past. The New Moon can offer a new chapter in your living arrangements or a chance to do things differently this time around. Use the momentum to break habits or expectations.


Mercury's re-connect to Uranus (your ruler) makes you aware that certain discussions/ideas simply will not go away. It's up to you how you handle this; consider if others are pushing for a certain response. The New Moon gives you the desire and energy to move on. Be direct, state your case, then don't look back.


Mercury and Uranus push you to re-examine a financial or emotional issue. Now is the time to consider if what you've gained is really working or if you could do better. What would happen if you let something go? The New Moon can illuminate a better financial opportunity or fire up your need for something different. Your security needs are changing and now is not the time to fall back on what you're used to.