Horoscopes for March 25th to April 1st

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Mercury's retrograde into Pisces on March 23rd has presented many with a second chance, another look or a rest. Pisces is never clear cut and the whole story should come out once Mercury goes direct on April 4th. The Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on March 29th. It will be a battle no matter how you slice it as will is challenged by authority. The key is sticking with the changes Pluto in Capricorn has brought about so far and not sliding back into the old ways of asserting.


Mercury's retreat into Pisces can offer a welcome break or chance to reconsider. Pushing forward will get you nowhere so allow things to simmer. Alternatively, something hidden or an issue you thought was concluded could reappear. Now is the perfect time to address it. The Sun in your sign is challenged by Pluto in your career sector, signalling frustrating developments with those in authority. Your drive for a new position, promotion or idea will meet resistance and you'll have to prove yourself.


Mercury's return to Pisces signals the re-boot of a friendship or group association. There are still issues to be explored regarding trust and ideals. Watch for the return of someone who you recently lost contact with. The square between the Sun and Pluto can stir up some threatened feelings over new developments. Recent changes in future possibilities/hopes for expansion may trigger subconscious/unexpected reactions.  What it is that you feel you need protection from?


Your ruler (Mercury) backs into Pisces and re-visits career issues. Watch for another go-round involving job details or meetings.  Communication could be muddled and goals unclear but this re-visit is temporary. Things should clear up once Mercury goes direct. The Sun throws a challenge to Pluto, hi-lighting conflicts between friends/groups and your personal boundaries. Shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances) could be areas of conflict.  You'll have to stand your ground to keep control.


As Mercury slides back into Pisces you may find goals and future plans shifting. Inspiration may increase but details will by foggy as you take another look at what was discarded. Wait and see what happens when Mercury goes direct; there's a reason you're revisiting this issue but it may not be what you'd hoped for. The Sun in your career sector signals ambitious developments that will conflict with relationship changes. Themes will include power struggles and mismatched goals.


Mercury dips back into your sector of shared resources, revisiting issues of boundaries and sharing. The return of anxieties or the feeling that you're not in control may be unwelcome but there is some unfinished business here. Rather than sweeping it under the rug, take a wait-and-see approach and watch what emerges. It won't be as troublesome as you think. Opportunities and ambitions may clash with your day-to-day reality. Certain shifts in your routine/health have made you aware that you cannot handle things in the same way. Apply this new attitude to the present conflict.


Mercury (your ruler) returns to your relationship sector, signalling unfinished relationship business with karmic undertones. What needs to be confronted now will have future consequences so give it your full attention. Your emerging sense of self/ego will conflict with struggles for power/dominance as you work out the boundaries you share with another. This is the new you rising to the challenge so the old ways of asserting yourself will not cut it.


Mercury re-visits Pisces, triggering the return of a health or work issue. Details/solutions will be unclear so go easy on yourself. Your energy and focus may be temporarily lowered so it's best to plan demanding things after Mercury goes direct. The Sun in your partnership sector can set up a conflict involving changes at home/with family. New relationships or relationship issues will be demanding; watch for power struggles with family members or challenges to the way you are transforming your home life.


Mercury returns to your sector of creativity and celebrations, re-igniting a flirtation or creative project. It's time to get inspired again; you still have much to offer. The Sun/Pluto square can set up a conflict between health issues or routine work and your shifting perspective. Ideas/messages or a new awareness on your part can clash with daily demands.   Pushing forward with your agenda can be especially stressful  so weigh the consequences to your health/well-being.


Mercury's retrograde into Pisces gives you a chance to retreat to the nest. Take some time out to consider past events before you move forward. The Sun in your sector of creativity and celebrations is pushing you to step up or out but Pluto's challenge from your sector of security could throw up some roadblocks. Financial issues or emotional blocks will need to be overcome first.


Mercury returns to your communication sector, bringing back an idea, association or message. This time around, consider if you can make room in your life or alter your way of thinking to accommodate. Pluto in your sign has been transforming your life/identity but the challenge it will receive from the Sun in your home sector could throw you off course, temporarily. This is about your will versus the wants/needs of family members/childhood friends. You're changing but those from your past need time to catch up.


Emotional/security needs are heightened as Mercury returns to Pisces. Be prepared for increased sensitivity regarding what you're missing or never had. Rather than dwelling on disappointments, consider if you really need these things anymore. The square between the Sun and Pluto pits subconscious fears/impulses against in-your-face statements. Someone may push your buttons or you may speak up and stir up more than you imagined.


Mercury's return to your sign gives you another shot/opportunity or second wind. Use it and don't look back.  The shifting landscape in your sector of friends and groups will be challenged by your demands for financial and/or emotional satisfaction. You're standing up for yourself and you know what you want. Can others handle it? You'll find out but be prepared for some revelations.