Horoscopes for March 4th to March 11th

"The Daydream" by Rossetti


Venus's transit of Taurus (March 5 to April 3rd) promises solid gains in love, money and security. It's a chance to turn potential into reality and stabilize existing situations. The Full Moon in Virgo on March 8th can spotlight what's missing or what's wrong. Culminations or endings will result from the need to improve. Excuses, settling for less and avoidance will come to an end.



Venus's move into your security sector can bring financial bonuses and/or a chance to build your emotional stability. This is prime time for attracting what you need and capitalizing on what you have. The Full Moon brings a health or work issue to a head. Mars retrograde has been drawing your attention to alterations or corrections and now you'll have to resolve the situation. These influences can make your daily life feel  hectic so give yourself some time alone to decompress.


Jupiter in your sign has brought you benefits (or at least contentment) and now Venus's (your ruler) entrance should prove even more beneficial. You may feel blessed with what you already have but don't miss this opportunity to make the most of something new. Your powers of attraction are at their peak. The Full Moon can gift you with a powerful realization (regarding personal goals) or the desire to create something of your own. If you want it badly enough you can manifest it.


Venus slips behind the scenes and keeps you (and others) guessing. What do you really want? In some ways it doesn't matter because you're hatching something that will unfold beautifully when the time is right. Allow your private dreams to take shape. The Full Moon brings culmination in a domestic situation. Personal responsibilities or issues with a home business/relocation have been aggravated by Mars retrograde. Now you'll experience a conclusion and a chance to move forward. The reason for delays or denials will become clear.


Venus in your sector of friends and groups can attract beneficial (or romantic) introductions. Others are drawn to you now and this can manifest new/improved relationships, wishes that become real and public acclaim. The Full Moon (your ruler) in your communications sector can present a realization, crucial conversation or  breakthrough piece of information. This has been brewing for a while so it won't be a surprise.


Venus presents you with career gifts. Jupiter's influence has been steadily expanding your opportunities and now Venus will give you even more reason to cooperate, align yourself with allies or pursue a future goal that's closest to your heart. If you're looking for a new job/angling for a raise this could be your moment. The Full Moon brings security issues to a head. Watch for a financial or emotional conclusion that will come as a relief. Even if things don't work out exactly as desired you can form a new plan of action.


Venus pulls you towards some new and enticing opportunities. It's doable and you are ready (despite what you may think) so reach out. Mars retrograde in your sign has been delivering delays or plans that have moved in a different direction. This Full Moon can make you acutely aware that your needs have not been met. Alternatively, you may be worried about disappointing someone else. Move on, stay grounded and know that doing your best is all you have control over. No one is to blame.


Venus (your ruler) can bring benefits from others. Watch for financial assistance, tax  refunds, an inheritance or boost in your partner's finances. Alternatively, emotional rewards can appear as you experience a blend of trust and intimacy. The Full Moon can trigger your awareness of a hidden/unacknowledged situation. Reactions may appear to come out of nowhere but this situation has been brewing for a while.  Themes can include service, sacrifice or a lack of acknowledgement about what you have to offer.


Jupiter has been expanding your partnership potential and now Venus adds her magic. Watch for an existing relationship to blossom or a stable, new partnership to manifest. Increased trust, stability and security are yours. The Full Moon introduces a turning point with friends or groups. You may become aware of what's missing and decide to end an association. Alternatively, you could find out exactly where you stand with others. If it doesn't feel good enough for you, it's not.


Venus in your sector of daily activities can boost your health, work situation and general sense of well-being. Comfort is good but watch that it doesn't turn into stagnation. As you relax, don't ignore opportunities to improve your situation and boost your exercise/diet regime. The Full Moon can show you what's wrong with a career situation by making your dissatisfaction impossible to ignore. It's time to get precise about where you want to go and how you're going to get there.


Venus helps you manifest a creative and/romantic high point. Increased self-assurance, creative opportunities and desired goals are all possibilities. This is an excellent time for those of you hoping to conceive a child. Whatever "abundance" means to you can become a reality. The Full Moon can push you to make a decision about long distance travel, legal matters, publishing or education. You'll know if it's the right step or if it's lacking something essential.


Venus can bring benefits to your home and family situation. What's closest to you can prove to be comforting and stabilizing. Whether you pull back and focus on your own space or receive benefits (emotional or financial) from family members, fortifying your home base will feel good. The Full Moon can bring issues involving taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances to head.  It may be time to pay up or confront a situation that's been making you feel powerless. Once you get over this hurdle you can move forward with relief.


Venus gives your words power; be careful what you say because there's a good chance  you'll manifest it.  Now is the time to advertise, approach someone with an offer or communicate your boundaries/needs.  The Full Moon brings a relationship issue to fruition. Whether it's time to move forward or move on, the theme will be dissatisfaction with the way things stand right now. You know exactly what you want.