Stepping Outside Your Questions In Tarot

Here's a quick Tarot experiment involving the wording of questions.

Try asking the same question in two different ways. The first time, phrase it however you normally do: "Will my presentation be a success?" Make note of the card(s) you get then ask it again. This time, phrase it as follows:  "What do I need to know about the success of my presentation?" Do the cards pulled for both questions support or contradict each other?

I'm not saying either way is the "right" way. But I've found that asking "What do I need to know" can place you outside of the question. If you are feeling particularly negative/depressed/obsessed about a subject the cards will certainly pick up on this. Or you may want to do a reading but are having difficulty getting into the right head space. You may pull some cards that reflect your mood, or the outcome of the situation based on your mood.  By asking the cards what you need to be aware of you can get a result that's not tainted by negative energy.

This method works well for repeat questions that you keep asking in hopes of getting a particular answer.