The New Moon in Aries: New Moon on Steroids

Tomorrow's (March 22nd) New Moon at 2 degrees Aries will trigger an extra powerful impulse to move forward. New Moons are always about new beginnings but this one will conjunct rebel Uranus (at 4 degrees Aries). So it's a New Moon on steroids.

The urge to start fresh. To break away from the past. To spring clean your life. This energy will be activated in the Aries sector of your chart (the house with Aries in it). You can make some huge leaps forward with his Moon; there will be a momentum happening and all you have to do is go with it. Yes, even with Mercury retrograde in Aries and Mars (ruler of Aries) retrograde in Virgo. See this post on what do with new opportunities during a retrograde period.

This will be a fairly selfish New Moon. Aries puts itself first and Uranus can be ultra-detached. It will be a good time to work on your own interests and boost your self-confidence. If you're looking for nurturing from someone, look elsewhere. Tomorrow will be about looking after yourself.

Those with planets between 0-4 degrees Aries and Libra will feel this energy most strongly.