Venus's Transit of Taurus: Triple Treat

There's some edgy stuff happening (see this post on Mercury in Aries). Fortunately, a mega-stabilizing influence has just kicked in; Venus's transit of Taurus.

From March 5th to April 3rd Venus will be empowered in her sign. This is her earthy side, all the nice things (money, food, physical well-being and beauty) that we can see plus self-esteem and emotional resources.  And it gets better.

Early morning on March 14th she'll unite with expansive Jupiter at 9 degrees Taurus. So really it's more of everything that feels and looks good. Plus, this Venus/Jupiter conjunction will be part of a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn and Mars at 9 degrees Virgo.  Trines are special because they create a flowing circuit of stable energy. When this happens in the earth signs it's a clear path to manifest something for yourself.

How you work with this trine will depend on what houses in your chart the earth signs occupy. These will be the areas of your life that are harmoniously linked. One area will have expanding opportunities for money/security (Jupiter in Taurus), another may be hectic with work/re-working (Mars retrograde in Virgo) while the third will be undergoing some major renovations (Pluto in Capricorn). The trine has started forming so you may be feeling it already. Have these three areas started cooperating with each other? Can you see how one feeds into the next? That's the trine in action. The closer we get to March 14th, the stronger it will be.

You can create something real and beneficial with this influence but trines can be a bit lazy. They don't have the friction of hard aspects (squares and oppositions) so there's not a lot of push.  You can probably see potential building in the areas I mentioned but you'll have to push yourself to take advantage of it.