Gemini and Sagittarius: Living the Dream With Neptune

Those with planets between 0-2 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius are currently having their bonds dissolved by Neptune in Pisces. Some will find it depressing and confusing. Others will be exhilarated.

"Bonds" can be a connection/commitment to:

  • A relationship
  • An identity
  • A job
  • Reality

So really, anything or anyone that feels restrictive. Neptune wants to set you free. Unlike a transit from Uranus (flash of clarity and rebellion), this influence could feel like a gradual awakening. Except it's Neptune, planet of transcendence.  So you'll have to sift through some dreams before you wake up.

This influence is a square (hard aspect) from Neptune so it's supposed to be negative. Dripping with Lost Boy/Girl energy. But you know what? If there was ever a time to explore that impossible goal, travel to that exotic location, give fully to other people, take a running jump at being an artist...this is it. This energy will expand your options (Gemini) and horizons (Sagittarius) by showing you what lies beyond ego and material accomplishment. It's the energy that makes you search for meaning. More than any other transit, this one will help you discover miracles by seeing beyond what you have always accepted.

The trick is keeping in touch with someone who will ground you. Because you will wander off course. You'll feel like giving up. You'll wonder what the point was. But if you check in with Planet Earth on occasion you'll adjust your course and come out the other side. And just maybe you'll have realized that impossible dream.