Horoscopes for April 15th to April 22nd


Mercury is back in Aries as of April 16th. After its backslide (retrograde) into Pisces, this can feel like relief or pressure, depending on how you react to the return of issues from March 23rd (when Mercury first entered Aries). Decisions will be straightforward but demanding. The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th, calling up issues involving security, growth and value. The challenge with this sign always involves building up quality rather than stagnation.


Mercury is back in your sign, giving new life to plans and ideas. You can now move forward with what you put on the back-burner a few weeks ago. What you communicate is key but so are messages that you'll be receiving; previous indecision or confusion will fade as others finally make their decisions. The Sun moves into your sector of security, energizing your desire for financial compensation and emotional satisfaction.


The Sun moves into your sign, kicking off a new cycle with new opportunities. Take a look at how far you've come; are things going according to plan? Can you push yourself a bit further? As the Sun moves through your sign it's a potent time to set the stage for the year to come. Mercury enters your sector of secrets once more, demanding that you develop hidden potentials. There's something that you can't ignore and it will be revealed in a few weeks. Start your preparations now.


Mercury (your ruler) jumps back into you sector of friends and groups. Social agendas, meetings and possible disagreements will re-appear. This time around the conclusions will be definitive; forward movement is the only way to go and some people might leave for good. Know that you can't move forward with outdated associations. The Sun enters your sector of secrets, asking you to develop what's creative, overlooked or forgotten. You are on an accelerated course but not everything is obvious just yet.


Mercury returns to your career sector, pushing you to finally develop new ideas/opportunities. You've sat on something long enough; it's time to put yourself out there and actualize your career goals. There will be an element of risk but your career landscape is changing beyond recognition anyway. The Sun enters your sector of friends and groups as you consider your place in the social arena. Themes will include who adds value to your life and who will continue supporting you as you move forward.


Opportunities surge forward once again as Mercury moves into Aries. Watch for messages/ideas involving long-distance travel, publishing, education or legal matters. It's decision time and you can't put it off any longer. What's new might seem disruptive/risky but you're in the process of creating your own "luck". The Sun enters your career sector, asking you to evaluate your future goals. If you're not satisfied with where you're going this is the time to manifest new pathways.


Mercury (your ruler) is back in your sector of shared resources. This time events involving debts, taxes and/or your partner's finances will accelerate to a conclusion (or fresh start). It can happen more quickly/aggressively than you expected. Alternatively, you may decide that now is the time to stake your claim/set your boundaries. As others push forward you'll have to decide how far you'll allow them to go. The Sun's entrance into your sector of opportunities signals restlessness/a desire for more. Take this seriously and look into developing your education or future opportunities. The time is ripe to manifest something new and beneficial.


Mercury is back in your relationship sector, re-opening that decision or plan. Discussions can't be put off any longer so just put your cards on the table. Once you speak your mind events will take on a life of their own. On the plus side, decisions will be instinctive and uncomplicated. The Sun enters your sector of shared resources as you focus on paying what's owed or fortifying your boundaries. Themes will include what you and someone else are able to contribute and/or how much assistance you really need.


Mercury accelerates the pace as it enters your sector of day to day activities. Work/exercise routines that were set aside will become priorities again. Watch for the return of motivation/energy/focus as you jump back into the fray. The Sun enters your partnership sector as you consider the status of a current or potential relationship. This is an excellent time to build on what you have and manifest deeper commitment/security. Alternatively, a partnership that's not adding value to your life will be up for serious examination.


Mercury returns to your sector of celebrations and creativity. It's time to move forward with that personal goal, announce your intentions or jump back into the dating scene. You're more sure of yourself now and have no patience for hesitation or deception. Others will appreciate you or not; don't waste precious energy convincing them of something they should already know. The Sun enters your sector of day to day activities, helping you solidify your commitment to health, routine and stability.


Mercury returns to your sector of home and family, calling for forthright decisions on home contracts, relocations, mortgages, home businesses or parental concerns. You've  known for a while what has to be done; now is the time to set it in motion. Once you take that first step momentum will take care of the rest. The Sun enters your sector of creativity and celebrations, shifting your focus to personal goals and purpose. Are you satisfied with what you've been creating (socially and personally)? This energy will allow you to manifest more of the same or to switch tracks.


Mercury re-enters your communication sector, dispelling any lingering confusion and lack of focus. You have a plan and now is the time to initiate it. Blocks or delays from the past few weeks are no more and you'll find others will respond directly to what you say. The Sun enters your home and family sector as you look at what you've built on the foundations of the past. Parental/family relations are up for consideration; you have a chance to re-build, repair or manifest something new.


Mercury enters you security sector again but this time it's full speed ahead regarding new financial ideas or plans for emotional security. What you need will become glaringly obvious and you may wonder what took you so long to reach this point. Embrace the clarity/initiative and don't look back. The Sun in your communication sector can fire up new ideas/discussions. Alternatively, issues with siblings can take precedence.