Horoscopes for April 22nd to April 29th


Mercury unites with Uranus in Aries on April 22nd, bringing revelations that are surprising yet inspiring. This is not the time to bury your head in the sand. Instinct and split-second decisions are features of this energy. The pace slows down by April 23rd as the Sun in Taurus forms a stable trine to Mars in Virgo.  Growth is assured if you can prove your worth/effectiveness. This aspect favours concrete action over ideas.


Mercury and Uranus in your sign deliver a breakthrough, revelation or uncompromising message. You won't have much time to respond and you won't need it; your first instinct will be correct. The Sun and Mars (your ruler) hook up to deliver stability and security that's driven by your aggressive work ethic. The more you put into a routine, discipline or task, the more rewards you'll reap. You can push forward now but make sure you back up your intentions with solid action.


Mercury and Uranus will uncover a secret or shine the light on a surprising potential. Flashes of insight are particularity powerful and should not be ignored. Messages or ideas that seem to come out of nowhere have actually been brewing for the past few months. The Sun in your sign receives a boost from Mars in your sector of creativity and celebrations. Expect increased confidence, self-assurance and the calm knowledge that you are on the right track.


Mercury (your ruler) joins Uranus in your sector of friends and groups. Expect the unexpected as arguments flare up and disappear. Associations could end abruptly while new and intriguing introductions take their place. Wait for this aspect to pass before you decide to rely on anyone. The Sun in your sector of secrets draws support from Mars in your home and family sector; private dreams and goals can now manifest from a home business, relocation or family support.


Mercury and Uranus present you with a split-second career opportunity. Blink and you'll miss it but this will definitely grab your attention. It will seem risky but can you afford to not take this chance? It could be a game changer.  The Sun in your sector of friends and groups is empowered by Mars in your communications sector. Blunt honesty and straightforward facts will net you the best responses. People will be receptive as long as  your words are back up by correct intent.


Mercury and Uranus introduce a critical moment/message/opportunity when you must act NOW. Watch for surprise developments involving legal matters, long distance travel, publishing or education. You can grab it and see what develops or shy away. The choice is yours but know that change will only benefit you. The Sun in your career sector receives support from Mars in your sector of security. This translates to career developments that can lead to more income if you are prepared to demonstrate how hard you can work. Don't discount something that, at first glance, seems like small potatoes.


Mercury (your ruler) and Uranus stir up unforeseen developments. Events may hit you fast and hard and your only option will be to go along for the ride. Let go and allow your first instinct to guide you. Events may demand your increased flexibility in the areas of emotional intimacy or shared financial resources. Mars in your sign connects with the Sun in your sector of opportunities. This can only be positive. What's new or (up until now) too good to be true will settle in front of you and demand recognition and action. How do you respond? The truth is that you are more than ready to handle this.


Mercury and Uranus in your relationship sector can bring unexpected arguments/decisions/ realizations/messages. You might find these developments upsetting but know that a forceful re-adjustment of your present course is what's needed. Take all new information in stride and run with it. The Sun in your sector of shared resources hits you on the most intimate level; secrets/repressed impulses will be stirred up and you'll be expected to respond. Relax. You'll benefit if you open up and let someone in and/or express that unacknowledged side of yourself.


Mercury and Uranus keep you hopping as exercise/health routines, work or appointments receive an injection of clarity, inspiration or new information. It's all part of the new life that is being designed for you. Step up and accept the changes. The Sun in your partnership sector hooks up with Mars in your sector of friends and groups. New romance could arrive in the guise of friendship or a social outing could lead to so much more. Accept all invitations and see what happens.


Mercury unites with Uranus , fueling creative inspiration and romantic excitement. Messages/conversations will be surprising but clarifying as you suddenly realize what your next step must be.  Embrace the unexpected and treat it as an opportunity to leap forward and realize a goal. The Sun in your sector of day to day activities makes you more aware of health and work routines. Its connection to Mars in your career sector gives you an edge as your efforts bring you recognition and advancement.


Your home life gets stirred up as Mercury and Uranus push you to decide or declare. Issues involving home businesses, changes to family responsibilities, relocations or events from the past will be seen in the clearest possible light. Opportunity comes knocking as the Sun joins up with Mars. You'll be invited to expose your creative efforts/personal goals to a wider audience or accept a new romantic opportunity into your life.


Watch for brilliant insights or game-changing messages/conversations. Mercury unites with Uranus (your ruler) and brings information that will set you on a whole new path.  Alternatively, if you speak your mind be prepared for others to react strongly; your brand of truth may be difficult to swallow. The Sun in your home and family sector receives valuable input from Mars in your sector of shared resources. You can make serious improvements on home finances, debts or loans. Support from family members may be offered or you may simply decide on the best path forward.


Your sense of emotional or financial security could be shaken as Mercury and Uranus reveal a truth. An initial surprise is actually an inspiration that could lead to so much more. Don't back away from new ideas or bold statements. The Sun in your communications sector makes a friendly connection to Mars in your relationship sector. Discussions with partners will be fruitful and could lead to increased commitment. Themes will include realistic assessments of needs and the effort that each partner is contributing.