Horoscopes for April 29th to May 6th


The Sun in Taurus forms an empowering trine with Pluto in Capricorn on April 29th. Steady growth and stable opportunities are available for those who accept Pluto's  agenda (transforming structures rooted in the past). The Full Moon (on May 5th) takes place in heavy-duty Scorpio. This one is about letting go and the regeneration that follows a death/ending/realization.


The Sun and Pluto join forces to boost your security. Changes in your career could spell a pay increase or long-term job prospect. Make the most of this influence by exploring new job opportunities and taking on roles with increased authority. The Full Moon can feel overwhelming as you get thrown into the deep end. Issues involving debts, taxes or your partner's finances will demand your attention. Alternatively, intimacy can feel like too much, too soon.


The Sun in your sign opens new doors as it connects with Pluto. Watch for opportunities involving legal matters, long distance travel, publishing or education. New developments will be promising and can lead to so much more; don't be afraid to expand your reach. The Full Moon can push a relationship towards a conclusion or the next level. Lay all your cards on the table because this energy demands that you be completely honest about your needs and expectations.


Much will happening behind the scenes. Pluto stirs up issues involving boundaries, unconscious fears and desires while throwing out a supportive connection to the Sun in your sector of secrets. This means an exploration of hidden potential and/or repressed possibilities. Don't be afraid to take the next step. The Full Moon turns on the pressure with work, health and daily activities. It's now or never in one or all of these areas; commit to a schedule/routine that empowers you and discard habits/addictions that have been dragging you down.


As Pluto steadily transforms the landscape of your intimate relationships, the Sun in your sector of friends and groups lends supportive energy. Now is the time to expand your romantic relationship into a broader social context or make your own friends outside of your partnership. Anything you do to push your social boundaries will ultimately strengthen your partnership. The Full Moon (your ruler) pushes you to acknowledge a creative goal or (if you're single) a romantic crush. Own your deepest desires; if you have to let something go then it wasn't for you.


Work is where it's at for you these days. The Sun (your ruler) in your career sector gives you an opportunity to shine as Pluto pushes that solid new routine/increased discipline/drive/commitment into high gear. What you put into your daily life will look favourable to those in authority. But only if you can prove that you're ready to power forward. The Full Moon signals an  emotional conclusion to home/family matters. Honour the past, then let it go.


Opportunity knocks as the Sun connects with Pluto and opens a door to long distance travel, education, publishing or legal matters. You can manifest something big in any of these areas so accept that offer or explore that new pathway. It's all connected to your increasing desire to create. The Full Moon can push you to communicate from the heart. Conversations/messages will be boldly honest and transformative. Get it off your chest then move on to the next level.


The Sun in your sector of shared resources powers up transformations at home. Issues surrounding taxes, debts or your partner's finances can be easily resolved if you continue to implement changes involving home and/or family. Watch for a possible inheritance or increased responsibility for your parent's finances. The Full Moon illuminates a realization about your deepest needs. The time for compromise regarding your financial growth or emotional security is over.


The Sun in your partnership sector can push a relationship to the next level of security and commitment, thanks to Pluto (your ruler). Focused conversations (or thoughts) about what you want in a relationship will power things forward. The Full Moon in your sign can bring you to a turning point, tipping point or conclusion. This energy will demand that you honour your authentic self (there's really no other way you can be).


Work to make it happen. That's the message the Sun and Pluto are sending you this week. Work and/or health routines will be empowered as you see that the path to financial gain and emotional stability lies with carefully planned actions. This is not the time to take risks; stick with what you know and build on it. The Full Moon can expose a secret that's been smouldering for some time or lead you to a "Why didn't I see this coming" moment.


The Sun in your sector of creativity and celebrations connects with Pluto in your sign. This is fantastic news as you are empowered, invigorated and inspired to go after that desired goal. A new romance, creative opportunity or chance to re-dedicate yourself to a special purpose can all grow into something permanent. The Full Moon in your sector of friends and groups can show you who's loyal, who's valuable and who needs to go. This is not about sentiment; it's about forming authentic alliances.


The Sun in your home and family sector is nudged by Pluto, who's been stirring up some rather deep realizations. Watch for illuminating moments involving family loyalties, habits/addictions and where you truly want your "home base" to be. The Full Moon can set you on a profound new course as it lights up your career sector. A dramatic shift in your public image or new opportunity can emerge. But this will only happen after you let go of inauthentic goals/habits.


The Sun in your communication sector reaches out to Pluto, helping you cement existing alliances and build new ones. Developments with friends and groups will feature slow, steady change as you exchange information. The Full Moon can push you to a final decision regarding legal matters, long distance travel, publishing or education. New opportunities have been building for some time; now they will either be revealed as an authentic next step or something that you need to let go of.