Horoscopes For April 8th to April 15th


Mars in Virgo goes direct on April 13th, signalling a call to action. The time for checking, doubting, perfecting and wondering is over. It's as good as it will ever get so make use of the return to focus and clarity. Many will experience increased demands/expectations as they are confronted with the necessity to finally get it right/do it properly.


Mars (your ruler) moves forward in your sector of work and routine. Delays involving co-workers, daily activities and medical issues should be cleared. Expect the return of energy, motivation and focus; now is the time to re-dedicate yourself to diet or exercise programs. Others will be looking at you to pick up the slack so make sure you're prepared to jump in. Your efficiency (which might have been lacking during the retrograde period) will be will be in top form.


Mars direct gives you the green light on creative projects and personal goals. Doubts and delays will fade so be prepared to implement plans and take action for yourself.  If a new romance started a few weeks ago, it will now enter a vital new phase or end. Whatever happens, know that developments indicate it's all about quality and discretion; if it's not the best, it's not for you. Alternatively, watch for valuable lessons/developments involving children.


Mars' forward movement indicates that it's time to move on from past business. Family/childhood issues, old habits or routines will all be shaken up as you gain motivation to put it behind you. Alternatively, delays involving home businesses, relocation, renovation or sharing your home will end. Changes may feel hectic or uncomfortable but you can cope if you mind the details.


Mars direct helps you get your message across and organize your thoughts. Communications will be ironed out and delays/wrinkles involving emails, conversations, technology and siblings will be cleared. Make use of this sharper energy to initiate that important discussion or make that vital decision. Your mind is your best weapon right now and honest, precise communication will serve you well.


Mars re-energizes your determination to get what you need. Watch for a green light involving a raise or another income stream. You'll find the motivation again to go after what you want and gain emotional satisfaction. Second best will simply not cut it so don't be afraid to work towards what you deserve. Issues involving personal fiances/budgets may still be troublesome but you can make an effective plan now (surprisingly quickly) and jump into action.


Mars direct in your sign signals the return of gung-ho progress. Get ready to push back and push forward. The past few weeks have seen you intensely correcting, refining and second-guessing. Now it's time to take what you've perfected and run with it. Of course it will never be "good enough" but know that your idea of so-so is everyone else's idea of perfection. You're ready to show off what you've been working on and/or let someone else know exactly where you stand.


Mars moves forward in your sector of secrets, pushing a hidden plan, potential or desire forward. It's not quite time to reveal all but you're getting close.  Behind the scenes work can feel frustratingly indirect at times and if you find yourself pushing for faster progress, know that certain things will unfold when they are meant to. For now, keep working in private; there's a reward on its way.


Mars direct can re-invigorate a friendship or re-ignite an argument. It may feel like the same ground you covered previously but this time watch for a swift conclusion regarding groups, associations or your public profile. Themes will include cleaning out your address book so that only the best-for-you associations remain. Also, watch for more direct communication between you and others as nothing is left to chance.


Mars pushes you to make a move regarding your position at work. The time for consideration is over; make a firm commitment to improve your existing situation or move on. The current energy will not allow you to settle for second best anymore. If you're considering a job change, now is the ideal time to put your hunt into high gear and target desired positions.


Mars direct in your opportunities sector pushes you to take the leap. Developments involving travel, education, legal matters, publishing or new/unfamiliar people are demanding a response. Are you prepared to step forward? The climate of change and forward momentum is upon you and it can feel intense. But ask yourself if you're truly happy with the way things are.


Mars stirs up issues involving taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances. After a reprieve, it's time to face the music again.  How much do you owe? Who pulls the financial strings? These are all questions that will demand answers. Alternatively, someone may push you past the point of no return. This may or may not be pleasant, depending on how you feel about having your boundaries crossed.


Relationships move into high gear as Mars pushes you for a conclusion/answer. Someone may demand more than you're ready to give or they may offer you exactly what you want. Define your partnership desires and stop doubting what you know to be true. The facts have been in front of you all along but doubts, delusion, sacrifice and regret have thrown you off course.