New Moon in Taurus: Labourer's Moon

There's a New Moon in Taurus tomorrow (April 21st). This will be a solid, growth-oriented Moon with energy that says you can have it/build it/achieve it. If you're ready to do some grunt work.

The New Moon will occur at 1 degree Taurus and it will trine Mars at 3 degrees Virgo. This points to secure beginnings that will be supported (trine) with honest (Virgo) effort (Mars). Wherever this Moon falls in your chart (see this post on figuring out where a New/Full Moon or transit will hit you) is where the seeds of growth will lie. It will involve fertility, self-esteem, values or resources. Look to the house occupied by transiting Mars to see what tools you have that will nurture this growth. We're talking Mars in Virgo, so think detailed work, step by step action and humble beginnings. Virgo is not about ego (even with go-getter Mars in there). Virgo is about behind the scenes efforts and small things that have a big payoff later on.

Are you ok with putting in serious effort and not receiving immediate high-fives? Because that's what this New Moon will ask of you. Those with planets between 0-3 degrees Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Scorpio will feel the biggest impact.