Transformation Cheat Sheet For Aries To Virgo

Every sign has the opportunity to transform themselves now, or in the coming months, due to some heavy outer planet transits. Change is essential but it can be difficult to handle and maintain. Here's a cheat sheet for the first 6 signs with tips on how to deal once the transit is over. Tomorrow I'll post the last 6 signs.

  • Aries: radical honesty/initiative courtesy of Uranus in your sign. You're not as fearless as everyone thinks (in a few key areas) so Uranus will push the envelope there. Once Uranus leaves your sign and you're not buzzing along on pure adrenalin, work on stabilizing your new regime. The Takeaway Message: get fearless for a reason, not just for the sake of p*****g people off.
  • Taurus: expand your boundaries, courtesy of Jupiter in your sign. Push beyond your comfort zone and you'll find a whole pile of goodies. You don't have to do anything crazy, just build on what you have. Once Jupiter leaves your sign, initiative may slow to a crawl. That's ok, just don't ignore the new things you've built. The Takeaway Message: risk does not equal danger.
  • Gemini: transform your ideas, courtesy of Neptune square your sign. You think you know what it's all about? Get ready to learn in a whole new classroom. Explore what lies beyond logic. Once Neptune moves away you may wake up and wonder what the point was. The process was important, not the conclusion. Hang onto that sense of wonder and treat logic with a little less reverence. The Takeaway Message: forget what you know.
  • Cancer: a stronger, more self-sustaining you is on its way, courtesy of Pluto opposite your sign. What you've been clinging to may get ripped away. It was holding you back anyway. Once this transit is over, look around and see that you're doing just fine. You'll be able to depend on yourself.  The Takeaway Message: the harder you cling to externals, the weaker you become internally.
  • Leo: learn to work within the boundaries, courtesy of Saturn square your sign (as of October, 2012). You'll learn what you're not entitled to and why you're not special. Harsh, but necessary. Once you see what doesn't work you can concentrate on what does (there will be one or two key themes that must be developed). When this transit is over keep focusing on what was working. The Takeaway Message: explore possibilities around the word "No".
  • Virgo:  you can no longer have things just so, courtesy of Neptune opposite your sign. Let go, give in and see what happens. Neptune will blur the lines between what should be and what could be. When this transit finishes, you may find that you're more relaxed in certain areas because nothing seemed to work out. Hang onto that sense of acceptance, even when you return to your usual, capable self. The Takeaway Message: controlling a situation by worrying/obsessing is an illusion.