Transformation Cheat Sheet: Libra to Pisces

Here are the current transformation strategies/opportunities (courtesy of the outer planets) for the last 6 signs. The 1st 6 signs are listed here.

  • Libra: your identity is being shaken and stirred thanks to Uranus opposite your sign. Your self-image is based on comparisons to others but Uranus will turn the mirror back at you. Don't like what you see? Through unexpected/occasionally stressful interactions you'll develop a bold, opinionated persona. Once this transit is over you may be tempted to ask if everyone is ok with the new you. Who cares? That will be Uranus's gift. Takeaway Message:  you are your ideal partner.
  • Scorpio: transform those fears and bloom under pressure, courtesy of Saturn in your sign (as of October, 2012). Saturn usually means "less of" but be prepared for more. More responsibility, more power, more control, more authority. These things will be given to you or you may have to deal with them externally. Initially, you'll probably have to deal with someone else's  power trip. But the potential will be for you to take on the mantle of authority if you let go of the conviction that it's a fight to the death. Once Saturn leaves your sign, use your new power with discretion. Takeaway Message: what if you acted as if nobody was trying to invade your territory?
  • Sagittarius: let go of your beliefs and watch your horizons broaden with this square from Neptune. Your faith will be tested and you'll probably take some questionable turns along the way. It's all part of Neptune's efforts to help you see beyond what you've accepted. Will you get it wrong? Probably, but so what? After you've wandered for a bit you'll re-define your entire concept of "right" and "wrong". If this sounds annoyingly Zen, welcome to Neptune country. Once this energy fades, don't discount those new discoveries. Takeaway Message: you are not your belief system, you are what lies on the other side of mistakes and misguided attempts.
  • Capricorn: the ground is shifting beneath your feet and it's all thanks to Pluto's transit through your sign. You have no choice but to let go of the old ways. What's left in their place? Pluto is forcing you to re-consider your limits by decimating them. If this feels like loss you're on the right track. Once Pluto leaves your sign, resist the urge to dig in and build a trench. Keep moving forward. Takeaway Message:  you can't build a solid structure based on the decaying foundations of the past. 
  • Aquarius: get ready to change the way you deal with conformity once Saturn squares your sign (as of October, 2012). It may feel like Saturn is throwing up obstacles just to frustrate you. You're actually being challenged to respond to limits in constructive ways. The less freedom you're given, the more you'll have to focus on what you're rebelling against and why. Once this transit is over, apply your enhanced powers of concentration to something that involves hope rather than alienation.  Takeaway Message: freedom is pointless if you don't belong anywhere.
  • Pisces: time to become who you always knew you were as Neptune (your ruling planet) transits your sign. In the manner of all things Piscean, the preceding sentence might sound vague. Fortunately, you can spin miracles out of "vague" and all the uncertainty that comes with it. This transit is about following what's authentic for you, no matter how confusing it may feel.  Once Neptune leaves your sign, don't start doubting and questioning what you've achieved.  Takeaway Message: it's real.