Virgo Knife: Transiting Mars in Virgo Opposes Neptune

Mars in Virgo may be going full speed ahead (direct) on April 13th but it's also forming a blurry opposition to Neptune.

Think of this as a final opportunity to clean up doubtful situations that have been draining your motivation. Mars in Virgo wants to do it right. Neptune undercuts this with escapist fantasies or questionable goals. You know what you should do but X looks so tempting. Or maybe you just want to bury your head in the sand.

I know. It's not a fun influence. Mars Retrograde in Virgo is all OCD and now Neptune's  over there saying "Hey. It's ok to just let it slide. Trust me."  But you know the thing with these ugly little aspects? If you stick to your guns and push through you'll accomplish more than you would during the best Jupiter transit.

What to do during this Mars/Neptune opposition:

  • Confront what you've been avoiding
  • Do what it takes to stay on the wagon when you feel yourself slipping off
  • Get to the truth of a cherished fantasy

Don't expect progress until Mars goes direct. Between now and April 13th your task is to uncover the facts and/or hold steady. But if you do the work now, by the time Mars jumps forward you will have a sparkling clean slate because you've cut through all that Neptune hype.

Mars is currently at 3 degrees Virgo. It will continue to oppose Neptune (at 2 degrees Pisces) until April 21st when it will hit 4 degrees Virgo and the energy of the aspect will gradually fade. This means that when it goes direct on April 13th it will still be under Neptune's spell.  But you'll feel the difference; Mars direct in Virgo is lean, clean and future-focused. It has no patience for Neptune's fluff.