Confrontation With The Scorpio Full Moon

We have an ultra-intense, loaded Full Moon at 16 degrees Scorpio on May 5th. Full Moons equal culminations/endings/results. Scorpio is about death and the resulting transformation. PLUS, there will be an edgy opposition between Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Libra (at 24 degrees). Mercury in Aries says "Let's do it NOW" but gets its knuckles rapped by Saturn who says "No. That's not acceptable."

So it won't be easy-breezy. But you'll do fine as long as you don't avoid confrontation. The Full Moon will push you to confront some deep fears/obsessions/control issues. If you back away from Scorpio, you're cooked. It's got lessons that will just keep coming and coming and coming until you deal with them. So dive in. Hint: they'll involve an angry/willful/rebellious agenda (Mercury in Aries) and what happens (Saturn in Libra) when you push it.

Look at your chart. The house with Scorpio in it is where you'll have to let something die in order to move forward. Could be a relationship/attitude/habit...the house will define whatever it is. Now check the houses that have Aries and Libra. Here's where you'll feel the tension between knowing/speaking your will (Mercury in Aries) and the limits confronting  it (Saturn in Libra). Think socially disruptive (Aries) versus socially acceptable (Libra).

These energies could shake out in all sorts of ways. You're probably starting to feel the buildup now. The key is courage. It will take courage to confront whatever the Full Moon unearths. And it will take courage to confront whatever Saturn says you can't/shouldn't say. Will you push forward or restrain yourself? Either way could be correct, depending on your chart. The fight will be about deciding (Mercury) on the responsible (Saturn) course of action (Aries). Remember that Mars (ruler of Aries) used to be the ruler of Scorpio. And Mars never backs down from a fight, even if you have to fight to keep yourself in check. .

If you have planets between 14-16 degrees Scorpio/Taurus or between 23-24 degrees Aries/Libra, you'll feel these energies most strongly.