Horoscopes for May 13th to May 20th


Venus goes retrograde in Gemini from May 15th to June 27th. Watch for the return of ex lovers, old relationship choices or new, karmic (past life) relationships. Re-evaluations of financial or self-care choices will also be featured. The theme will be correct choices and honest communication. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 20th can accelerate Venus retrograde's agenda or open up a whole new chapter. This eclipse will form a difficult (square) aspect to idealistic Neptune in Pisces. Creativity, illusions and the desire for escape will be intense.  It's critical that you approach this eclipse with your eyes open; facts and information will be easily overlooked.


Communication is key for you this week. Venus retrograde can pull your thoughts back to past relationships. Messages from ex-lovers could also materialize. Unfinished business will be the theme as you decide how to respond. The Solar Eclipse could stir up hidden motivations while leaving half the picture unfinished. Is there something that you don't want to see?  Alternatively, watch for creative/inspired writing projects, introductions or information that puts you on a brand new track.


Venus is your ruler and she's asking you to look inwards during this retrograde period. As she retraces her steps in Gemini you'll be re-considering your financial and emotional security. What do you really need? Is what you have now working for you? You may find yourself taking another look at a secondary income stream or relationship option. The Solar Eclipse will open your eyes to new financial opportunities and/or personal satisfaction. Carefully consider the impact your friends or associates have on this; is there something (or someone) else that you actually want?


Venus retrograde in your sign could attract relationships with a fated or familiar quality.  Any relationship that comes into your life now will represent some major unfinished business. Alternatively, you could feel the urge to withdraw and sift through the choices that are in front of you. The Solar Eclipse in your sign can illuminate a new career opportunity, but move cautiously; it may not be everything you want. Make sure all information is crystal clear before you sign or commit.


What happens behind the scenes is crucial now. Venus retrograde stirs up unacknowledged desires or hidden relationships. Nothing is as it seems so allow events to unfold before you make any statements. Dreams, gut reactions and intuition are your best bets. The Solar Eclipse can trigger an unforeseen/unacknowledged goal. Reaching for the "Impossible Dream" is key here; you could be closer than you thought to achieving that dream. The path may be difficult to see right now but don't ignore seemingly unrelated opportunities.


It may be time to reconsider or even withdraw (temporarily) from your social life. Someone's reappearance could urge you to reconsider your friendships or you may simply be in the mood for an overhaul of your social circle. The Solar Eclipse could cast a bright light on group dynamics and push you to acknowledge a fear/control issue or hidden urge. Whether you end an association or publicly embrace a new lifestyle, this will be a major new chapter for you.


Watch for a re-boot of old or forgotten career opportunities. Venus retrograde can re-ignite some ambitions or financial opportunities. It's all part of making the best choice for you and discarding the rest. The Solar Eclipse can hi-light conflicts between a new career path/public profile and shifting relationship priorities. Issues will include communicating your goals to your partner while becoming comfortable with relationship ambiguity. Nothing is carved in stone at the moment but you still need to push forward.


Venus (your ruler) turns retrograde in your sector of opportunities. Time to re-visit issues involving education, long distance travel, publishing, legal matters or future hopes. Is there something or someone out of reach that you really wanted? This transit could bring you back in contact. The purpose will be to make the correct choice regarding  where and how you want to expand. The Solar Eclipse can open up a new dream or pathway to the future. It may not mesh with your current reality but know that your day to day routine/work is gradually shifting. Allow yourself to lose focus and see where that takes you.


Venus retrograde stirs up some hidden/repressed fears, anxieties, control issues or intimacy choices. You may feel overwhelmed and scattered as information/past relationships come out of nowhere. Whatever appears is an opportunity to tie up loose ends and clean out your subconscious basement. The Solar Eclipse can be a prompt that puts you on a fresh, vital track towards revealing something about yourself. Exposure is driven by your expanding sense of romance, creativity and possibility.


The next few weeks offer some critical relationship turning points. Venus retrograde could push you to take a step back regarding one important relationship. Alternatively, you could re-visit a past relationship/ex lover. If a new relationship enters your life, it will have a strongly fated quality.  You need to make that final decision regarding your love life. The Solar Eclipse can be another opportunity for a major relationship to materialize. It could also push you forward as crucial information is revealed. Watch that old habits/family patterns/addictions don't blur your focus on this one.


Use Venus retrograde's pull to refine, re-examine and re-boot your health/exercise or work routine. It's all about treating yourself well and this includes collecting the necessary information. You can also develop a workaround for a technical issue. The Solar Eclipse can reveal an overlooked problem/health matter or solution. If you've been in denial about a fact of life, this eclipse will pull the curtains back.


This can be a hugely successful time for you regarding creative projects, romance or personal goals. Venus retrograde can bring significant love affairs, intensified inspiration and a revitalized sense of your own potential. Time alone can be fruitful for your next big creation. The Solar Eclipse can lift you onto a whole new level of success.  Inspired ideas that are driven by your changing financial/emotional priorities are the seeds for your new life.


Venus retrograde can cause delays or re-considerations involving home businesses,  moving, renting or buying a home. Is this where you want to be? Use this period for additional research and don't be afraid to re-consider your options. The Solar Eclipse can trigger a new chapter regarding family, childhood information or home matters. Events can have a major impact on your future although it may not be obvious right now.