Horoscopes for May 27th to June 3rd


Mercury in Gemini sees lots of action this week. May 28th presents a painful square with Chiron in Pisces as discussions stir up doubts and sensitivities. Healing conversations are also available, for those willing to push past their insecurities. May 30th follows with an argumentative square from Mars in Virgo; petty disagreements over routine, correct procedure and details will pop up. You have a choice about how much energy you'll expend on these arguments. June 1st presents solutions or a willingness to forgive and forget as Mercury unites with Venus.


Conversations can trigger some buried doubts, fears or sore spots. Mercury in your communication sector will form an awkward square with sensitive Chiron in your sector of hidden things; don't misinterpret people's words as they unintentionally push your buttons. The same can be said for Mercury squaring argumentative Mars (your ruler) in your sector of day to day activities, except this time the challenges will be external. Petty disputes over routines and doing things the "right" way will flare up and blow over just as quickly. Communications should smooth out significantly as Mercury meets Venus on a charming grace note; all will be forgiven as you discover the right things to say.


Discussions and plans about your financial or emotional needs can trigger some awkward moments with the group. Mercury in your security sector throws a challenging square to Chiron in your sector of friends and groups; your ruminations on practical matters might stir up disappointment, jealousy or insecurity in others. Don't let their issues throw you off track. When Mercury gets hit by a square from Mars in your creativity sector, ambitious goals, plans or dreams may stir up arguments in a relationship or rock your financial planning. Keep pushing forward; the Mercury conjunction with Venus (your ruler) promises pleasant and profitable resolutions.


Mercury in your sign is stirring up issues all over the place. The painful square it forms with Chiron in your career sector could trigger doubts about your future or capabilities on the job. Do you have what it takes? You'll be questioning this and more as Mercury gets hit with another square from Mars in your sector of home and family. Arguments involving family responsibilities, home businesses or relocations will be troublesome but temporary. Hang in there until Mercury unites with Venus in your sign; suddenly it will all seem inconsequential as you get a boost of optimism and an encouraging message or confirmation.


Secrets and the subconscious are the themes for this week. Mercury in your hidden sector receives a doubtful square from Chiron in your sector of opportunities; the more you spread your wings, the more you'll be tempted to self-sabotage. Resist that urge by becoming aware of what's not obvious. Secrets and suspicions can get the better of you as Mercury is challenged by Mars in your communications sector. Don't react to paranoia or half-baked ideas; get the facts. Much of this tempest will blow over by the time Mercury and Venus come together. Look for an unexpected verbal gift, blessing or creative high point.


Social interactions can feel like a mine field as Mercury in you sector of groups hits a square from Chiron in your sector of shared resources. Innocent conversations can stir up some deeply buried control issues (yours or theirs) ; step back before you respond. Mercury's square to Mars in your sector of security can push you to challenge others. You might feel threatened over some small remark and react as if your life was at stake. It's not, so keep that in mind before you fire back. Mercury's union with Venus sweeps all this aside with good times, lighthearted conversations and a reassurance that no one's out to get you.


As Mercury (your ruler) speeds things up in your career sector, you'll run into some touchy moments with a partner, courtesy of Chiron in your relationship sector. Don't overlook your partner's needs, no matter how busy you get. Alternatively, don't get sucked into the idea that a burgeoning career means you'll lose out on the romance front. You can have both. It will be a challenge to keep all your balls in the air, especially when Mercury gets slammed by a square from Mars in your sign. You thrive on being busy but might feel like you're careening out of control. Take a breath and watch for the hopeful Venus/Mercury conjunction; you'll get the reassurance/confirmation/encouragement that you need.


As Mercury continues to activate your opportunities sector, the square to Chiron in your sector of daily routines could create a conflict between distant developments and immediate issues. Long distance options or new information, will run up against medical issues/worries or your doubts about pushing beyond what you're used to. Know that your day to day life is in the midst of transformation anyway; it's time to accelerate those changes by incorporating what you're learning. Mercury's square to Mars in your sector of hidden things could kick up some unconscious resistance to these changes. Alternatively, new information could shed a light on background action. Mercury's meeting with Venus (your ruler) should show you why all these changes are for the best.


Mercury activates your sector of shared resources as information/discussions about joint finances or intimacy hit a snag. The square from Chiron in your creativity sector could stir up worries about how much you can contribute (emotionally or financially). It's not about how special you are (although it will feel this way); take a step back and look at the facts rather than coming from a place of doubt. The square to Mars in your sector of groups could indicate challenging information as others offer their two cents. Watch how much control you give friends or associates over your private matters. Mercury's union with Venus will end things on an encouraging note as intimacy is renewed or financial support offered.


Relationship issues continue to be your priority as Mercury keeps things buzzing. A square from Chiron in your home and family sector can color present partnerships (or partnership options) with pain rooted in the past. Confront old wounds but don't let them define your present interactions; your family does not get to decide what happens in your love life. A square from Mars in your career sector kicks up some dust as increased workload/responsiblities/stress leak into your personal life. These scuffles are temporary; Mercury's meeting with Venus brings you and a partner together with romantic words, apologies or loving moments.


Daily routines can be sticky as Mercury gets bogged down with a square from Chiron in your communciations sector. Communications with co-workers, medical professionals or service people can be fraught with sensitivities and hurt feelings. Be cautious with what you say and how you say it. Mars in your sector of opportunities is stirring things up with exciting new developments but you might find that these changes disrupt your routine or cause arguements with others. Disagreements coudl flare up around legal matters, education or long distance trips. Once Venus and Mercury get together, you'll uncover a solution, resolution or reason not to worry.


Mercury in your sector of creativity and celebrations gets tripped up with a doubtful square from Chiron in your security sector. Is it ok to enjoy this? Are your ideas valid? Doubts about self-worth will make you question encouraging developments. When Mars throws a square from your sector of shared resources, financial worries could throw a damper on things. Alternatively, getting close to someone new could feel extra risky. Allow the meeting between Mercury and Venus to show you that new a romance or your recent creative contributions to a project are valid. Enjoy what's coming your way; you deserve it.


Home and family matters get stirred up as Mercury fields a square from Chiron in your sign. Discussions around relocation, home businesses sibling relations or chilhood issues can hit some sore spots you didn't know you had. The purpose is to facilitate healing through discussion so you can move forward. Mars in your partnership sector throws another irritating square as relationship developments cause temporary conflicts at home. Avoid getting sucked into little dramas; the Venus/Mercury conjunction will prove that compromise/positive solutions are available.