Horoscopes for May 6th to May 13th


Mercury moves into Taurus on May 8th, solidifying ideas and shifting the focus to information that has value. Practical, financial and security driven ideas are the themes.  The Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 23 degrees Taurus on May 13th, expanding possibilities for security, abundance and tangible gain. This is a classic "lucky" influence that can bring serious benefits for some and overwhelming energy for others.


This week's action takes place in your sector of resources and personal security. Mercury helps you identify your financial and emotional needs. Knowing what you want is half the battle; saying what you want is the other half. Use your increased conviction to ask for a raise, set your boundaries or let someone know exactly where you stand. When Jupiter and the Sun unite you could receive a cash windfall, bonus or establish a new level of comfort with yourself.


The focus is on your sign as Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter help you turn thoughts into reality. Mercury gives you ideas, conviction and all the information you need.  You may have to speak up and demonstrate that your ideas have value. The Sun and Jupiter unite, presenting you with a golden opportunity to push your luck or focus on something that has value for you. This influence can manifest what you want so choose carefully.


Behind the scenes developments keep it intriguing. Mercury (your ruler) moves into your sector of secrets and you may feel like keeping your thoughts to yourself. Allow plans/ideas to unfold in private for now; motivations (yours and others') are not clear just yet. The Sun and Jupiter can deliver a private bonus, illuminating moment or unearth hidden potential. This is your "guardian angle" influence; you'll have more going for you than you're aware of.


Your social life is hi-lighted as the planets emphasize group values and your public position. Mercury opens the lines of communication, triggering new introductions and keeping you busy with group activities.  Conversations can be valuable and deliver satisfying insights. The Sun and Jupiter provide a huge social boost; tremendous benefits can come your way via acquaintances, group activities or memberships.  Or you may just have a reason to celebrate and appreciate the friends that surround you.


This week will be a career high-point. Mercury sends valuable tips, information or meetings your way. Use this influence to network and forge stronger bonds with management through strategic conversations. The Sun and Jupiter offer you public recognition, rewards or a career breakthrough. You can see payback on the momentum you've been gaining or explore a new, highly beneficial career path.


It's all about exploring and broadening your horizons this week. Mercury (your ruler) brings you information regarding long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Reach a bit further, check out what's new/distant and communicate to as wide an audience as you can. You never know who's listening. The Sun and Jupiter help you reap serious benefits in all these areas as they boost your recognition or present you with a valuable mentor. Pay attention to that feeling of optimism; you can take a calculated risk and see significant payback.


Your sector of shared resources/intimacy will be activated this week. Mercury brings you information about taxes, debts, loans or your partners finances. Discussions can solidify an important next step or financial plans. Alternatively, this can be a time when you become certain of your boundaries/intimacy needs. Communicating what you want to establish will make it so. The Sun and Jupiter help you push through a block, fear or self-sabotaging habit. Alternatively, you could receive financial assistance or a tax rebate.


The focus is on your relationship or desire for one significant partner. Mercury facilitates relationship discussions; the more you communicate, the more you'll solidify commitments and establish your relationship plans. The Sun and Jupiter work together to expand an existing partnership or (if you're single) introduce you to a significant new suitor. Your sense of what's real/possible in your love life will grow as you move away from controlled habits.


Your day-to-day routine will receive a boost that can be energizing but overwhelming at the same time. Mercury keeps your work/health routines buzzing; make use of the increased flow of information to establish a healthy attitude/outlook about your diet, exercise or daily life. This is a "mind over matter" influence where what you think/tell yourself will have direct consequences. The Sun and Jupiter (your ruler) can boost your energy/health/optimism while encouraging you to do/have it all. Watch that you don't take on more than you can handle.


Confidence, creative growth and/or new romance are all on tap for you this week. Solid creative ideas, flirtatious conversations/messages and fresh plans for attaining personal goals are gifts from Mercury. Use this influence to turn hopeful/"what if" ideas into reality. The Sun and Jupiter hand you a ticket for romantic or creative success; all you have to do is say "yes" to new or developing opportunities.


Your home and family life is the focus of this weeks' energy. Discussions/information about family, home improvements or home responsibilities will be delivered by Mercury. Themes will include increased home security and habits/patterns from the past. The Sun and Jupiter will grace you with unexpected improvements in these areas; watch for a gift or increased support that will make your home life a bit easier.


Mercury's move into your communications sector places increased significance on what you say and who's receiving your messages. The value of your ideas, opinions and comments will take on added weight. Are others appreciating/hearing you? The Sun and Jupiter combine forces to boost public recognition/exposure of your words. Alternatively, issues with a sibling can become the focus as their changes grab your attention.