Close To The Finish Line With Saturn Direct

Time for some good news; Saturn in Libra goes direct on June 25th!

Some of you (especially those with planets between 22-29 degrees Libra) may barely be able to muster a grimace. It's been a looong, painful journey that won't be over until Saturn enters Scorpio this October. But once Saturn goes direct you'll be on the last leg of that journey. For real. You might even feel an acceleration in whatever area of  life Saturn is passing through. It will be the acceleration of lessons learned and wisdom gained. Blocks removed. Progress.

PLUS (if you've been taking responsibility for your part in relationships) you might even see some rewards. Saturn gives out nice bonuses to those who follow his rules. Stuff like inner strength, supreme balance and grace or direct evidence of why a certain relationship needed to go that way.

So hang in there. The ride's not quite over, but it will be smoother during the next few months. Things to keep in mind as the journey winds down:

  • There won't be a party for you at the finish line. So what? You don't need external approval; you've developed iron-clad inner resources.
  • You know that person/thing/relationship that was taken away? The one you couldn't live without? Look at you, moving forward.
  • The less you have, the clearer your purpose is.  Saturn removes the non-essentials.