Heads Up For The Fixed Signs: Jupiter's Gone And Saturn's Coming

If you have planets in the Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) Jupiter's wrap-up in Taurus has left you with more in at least one area of your life.

Jupiter's transit of Taurus formed an opposition to Scorpio and squared Leo/Aquarius. So between June 2011 and today, all of you with planets or angles in these signs were hit with an increase of opportunities, perspective, possibilities or chutzpah. And it was a big increase...impossible to miss. Check out the area(s) of your chart occupied by those signs; growth occurred, guaranteed.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and made use of it. Seriously. Because as of October 5th, Saturn's transit of Scorpio will be cracking the whip over all your heads. Saturn will oppose Taurus and square Leo/Aquarius. Your gains will be trimmed, tidied and strengthened as Saturn moves over the same degrees that Jupiter did. This does not mean that everything you gained will be taken away. It does mean that your growth will be tested.

New job courtesy of Jupiter? Saturn will make you work to prove your mettle. Pay increase? Figure out ways to trim your budget; Saturn will throw some serious expenses your way. New relationship? Saturn's transit could introduce your first major challenge as a couple. All this is just a way to ensure that what you've got is worth hanging on to.

Use the time between now and October 5th to plan your strategy.