Horoscopes for June 17th to June 24th


The June 19th New Moon in Gemini can act as a second chance or clarifying choice. The multiple options and re-runs that were swirling around over the past month were all part of the lesson plan. This fresh starts depends on the lessons you've absorbed and the information you've collected. It's all connected to events triggered by the past two eclipses and Venus retrograde. The Sun's move into Cancer on June 20th ushers in the Summer Solstice; it's time to take what you've learned and nurture new developments. Those who connect the dots between everything that's happened from the Solar Eclipse on May 20th up to this New Moon will truly be able to celebrate the season of light.


The New Moon opens a fresh chapter involving siblings, plans or messages. Watch for bright ideas and random conversations to put you on a whole new track or help you find the last piece of the puzzle. The time is ripe if you want to send an important email, make a crucial phone call or launch a project. The Sun's move into Cancer turns your attention to home, family, nurturing and nesting. Withdrawing to be with your nearest and dearest could be just what you need.


The New Moon can introduce important information or documents regarding your salary. Scrutinize every detail, especially since Venus (your ruler) is still retrograde in Gemini; going back over the fine print will be critical. Alternatively, conversations with a loved one about your needs can open new doors. Even if you've had this conversation before, give it another shot.  The Sun's move into your communication sector puts the emphasis on ideas and how you express them. Alternatively, issues involving your siblings may take centre stage.


The Universe isn't done with you yet; The New Moon in your sign signals yet another turning point, crossroads, new chapter or crucial choice. So much has happened in your sign over the past month that you've amassed a significant amount of learning. Use the accelerated lessons to propel yourself forward. The Sun's move into your security sector can urge you to pull back and examine how it all relates to your personal resources.


The New Moon can trigger a hidden potential or set a secret in motion. It's all in the background, but not for long. As the Sun moves into your sign, the revelations will begin and the pieces will start to fall into place. Suspicions that have been brewing over the past month will be confirmed or denied. Vague motivations will be revealed. It could feel like a lot all at once, but now you'll have something to go on and you can (finally) move forward with assurance. If you've been holding back, that will no longer be an option.


The New Moon can introduce fresh faces and new group dynamics. It's time to make some new choices regarding friends, alliances and where you put your energy "out there". Public announcements can have a significant impact, as can the launch of a new group activity. As the Sun (your ruler) moves into your hidden sector, you may feel like pulling back or keeping things to yourself. Withdrawal is a time to re-energize and re-focus your strategy.


The New Moon can launch a fresh career objective, job opportunity or critical meeting with higher-ups. Projects, online businesses, work announcements or job applications will all have extra punch if they are launched during this Moon. If you've spent the past month considering a new future goal, now would be an excellent time to take the first step. The Sun moves into your sector of friends and groups, making you aware that no man is an island. It's ok to turn to others for help, support or friendly contact.


The New Moon presents yet another opportunity to spread your wings. The past month has been about options related to travel, new (and exotic) romance, education or exploring the unknown. Some of these options have been confusing and appeared to be dead-ends. Now you'll experience a second chance and clear path forward. The Sun's move into your career sector can put your ambitions into overdrive; onwards and upwards is the only way to go.


Watch for the New Moon to give you another shot at financial or intimacy issues. Solutions or illuminating information regarding debts, taxes, inheritances or your partner's finances can appear. Alternatively, a conversation or development about getting close to someone can be re-ignited; this one will carry you all the way so don't hesitate to follow through. The Sun's move into Cancer can focus your attention on the bigger picture and future developments; how far do you want to go with the information you now have?


The New Moon features yet another relationship turning point, but this one will have more forward momentum. The lessons, revelations and confusion of the past month will come to a head on this Moon, as you're given one more choice. Should you believe what you hear? Is this relationship the one for you? It will all be a re-run, except now you've got the necessary wisdom to make an informed decision. As the Sun enters your intimacy sector, you'll focus on what you truly want to share.


The New Moon sparks a solution or initiative that can power you through lingering confusion over health matters, routines or co-worker communications. Getting a handle on your day to day life has not been easy. Watch for fresh support or inspiration to help you make the final choice. The Sun's entrance into your partnership sector pushes you to look up from the grindstone and consider how you want to share your life.


Get ready for another piece of fuel to be added to the fire of your success. If options (around creative projects, romance or recognition) have been confusing, this New Moon should clarify things. A flirtation that fizzled could come back to life or your zest for celebration could be reinvigorated. As the Sun moves into Cancer, allow the positive momentum to color your work and health routines. This energy makes it clear that feeling good about yourself is essential for day to day living.


The New Moon kick starts yet another chapter in your home life. Recent events have been exhausting/overwhelming, but this Moon gives you a chance to simplify. No more back and forth or uncertain choices; now you're moving forward, focused on the essential details. The Sun's move into your sector of creativity and celebrations lets you kick up your heels; you'll feel lighter, brighter and clearer.