Horoscopes for June 24th to July 1st


Uranus in Aries forms an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn on June 24th. This will be the first of 7 exact squares between these two planets over the next few years. Each one will act as a peak in the tumultuous surge of change that's happening. Letting go of the old order (Pluto in Capricorn) meets the dramatic birth of new identity (Uranus in Aries). Everyone will be feel it differently but the best approach is to roll with the changes. Venus in Gemini goes direct on June 27th and everyone will see the fallouts, conclusions and results of her retrograde. Breakthrough and forward movement is guaranteed, although for some this will mean letting go.


Uranus in your sign squares Pluto in your career sector. Watch for challenges between your drive to push your own agenda and changes involving authority/power structures. You are being challenged to see how your personal goals stack up against your professional goals. Use any tension between the two to come up with a brand new game plan that reflects your authentic quest. Venus direct can jump start significant ideas/messages.  Conversations may spell the end of a relationship or open the floodgates.


The Uranus/Pluto square stirs up some background challenges. Restlessness/impulsive decisions that come out of nowhere will be a reaction to transformations of your long term plans (involving travel, legal matters or education). True agendas will emerge that catch you off guard as you are confronted with future decisions that need to be made now. As Venus (your ruler) goes direct, you'll experience progress and smoother communication involving wages, new sources of income or relationship choices.


Unexpected events involving friends, groups or your public image may kick up some subconscious control issues. You'll learn that others have more of an impact on you than you realized. The key is determining how much control you're going to give them. Your position in the group is going to change, no matter what. Venus direct in your sign can remove a block/delay, clarify a decision or give you the final say. If someone exits your life, you can still choose how to respond.


The Uranus/Pluto square pits relationship changes against career overhauls. The two are related; as your personal/romantic landscape is transforming, your public status is doing a 180. The trick is to respond to changes rather than react in a threatened manner. Try to avoid power struggles/suspicion and knee-jerk control in relationships. Venus' direct movement can bring some unconscious realizations around love, money and self-esteem bubbling to the surface.


Fresh opportunities clash with changes in your routine, courtesy of the Uranus/Pluto square. What's new/exotic/exciting can jar you out of a rut or threaten to push you off track. Don't let these changes override the significant progress you've made regarding diet/exercise or work matters. Alternatively, if you've been ignoring prompts for an overhaul of your health/daily routine, this influence will make the change unavoidable. Venus goes direct in your sector of friends and groups. Some associations may get back on track while others will be revealed as short-term only.


A glimpse of success can be unnerving. You've made significant strides in the past few months and are now closer than ever to a major achievement. It's no surprise that subconscious fears/panic are sending you scrambling. These could range from intimacy issues to joint financial concerns, but the key is to keep pushing forward with your agenda for success. You can't control what others do/say so allow the changes to unfold and incorporate them into your new world view. Venus direct in your career sector can push you to the next level or deliver a long-awaited result/job opportunity.


As your home/family base shifts, dramatic changes in your personal life will throw up some challenges. Excavation of past habits/rules will be confronted by the future in your partnerships. The key will be to let go of outmoded definitions that have been around since childhood so you can make room for a new identity in your relationships. As Venus (your ruler) goes direct, you'll experience a surge of new opportunities and long-distance developments (some of which were previously delayed).


The Uranus/Pluto square puts your changing ideas/plans on a collision course with new routines, surprises involving health or sudden developments in your work environment. How will you meet the sudden shifts in your daily life? What will your attitude be? Old thought processes won't cut it; it's time for an innovative approach. Alternatively, issues with siblings may confound your efforts to move forward. There is a workaround available, but it will involve a new approach from both sides. As Venus goes direct, watch for breakthroughs/solutions involving what you share (emotionally or materially) with others.


As transformations to your material/emotional security are progressing, you'll uncover new ways to make yourself shine. Your definition of success/recognition is changing dramatically and you'll have to find new ways to support this emerging identity. It won't look anything like what you depended on before; watch for new/alternative sources of income and emotional independence driven by the necessity of transformation. The new, dynamic you doesn't follow the old rules.


Pluto in your sign will be challenged by a square from Uranus in your home and family sector. As your identity is changing, watch for a sudden break from the past to push you forward a few steps. How do you respond when family dynamics/relations with parents or your home environment are transformed? The past is over and childhood issues have no place in this new world of yours. Venus' direct movement in your sector of day to day routines can give you a solution, desired result or breakthrough involving health, work or habits.


The Uranus/Pluto square will push you to re-think your strategy. Unconscious/unacknowledged issues may rise up in response to a realization. Suddenly, you'll know why it's not working or will never work. There's the path forward but will you allow yourself to take it?  The clear light of the future is beckoning; don't let old fears trip you up. Venus direct can push you forward with a creative project or desired goal. Delays or confusion will end and you'll see how you can achieve what you want, even if that means letting something go.


As your relations/status in the group continue to shift, so do your security needs. Innovation and independence will serve you best when it comes to making money, getting your needs met and developing your self-esteem. Some issues that may come up include the weight that others' opinions carry, how important it is for you to belong and if the new you even fits in anymore. Venus direct can write the final chapter on a relocation, family matter or rental/mortgage document. Finally, you can get this wrapped up.