Jupiter's Transit of Gemini: Downloading Opportunities

Jupiter moves into Gemini on June 11th for a long stay (it will leave Gemini on June 25th, 2013).  Jupiter brings a big, bright "more" to whatever it touches. In the sign of information and communication, you can expect the following:

  • more to say and more to listen to (gossip)
  • more choices
  • more ideas
  • a larger audience for your words

Jupiter rules Gemini's opposite sign, Sagittarius. So it's not comfortable in the sign of details, because Jupiter is about the bigger picture. And this means, amongst the whirlwind of conversations, emails and paperwork, that details will be overlooked.  A lot of information will be buzzing around, but differentiating between substance and fluff will be challenging. Promises (shiny ones) will be easy to make. But follow-up could be a problem.

But there's several bright sides to this transit (it's Jupiter...of course there's bright sides). Super-fast, snazzed up, optimistic thinking. Brilliant ideas with wheels. Not all of them will have value, but one or two will be solid gold (if you can focus on them long enough to make something happen).  Jupiter stretches horizons to the max; much of what it promises can feel out-of-your league (it rules long-distance travel, higher education, legal matters and mentors). But in small-scale Gemini, all the stuff that's over your head and beyond your reach will suddenly be right in front you. Jackpot.

Very briefly, here's the signs that will be most affected. If you have planets in:

Virgo: you'll get hit with a square from Jupiter. Your analytical ways will be challenged as you're pushed to broaden your perspective. Don't get so flustered that you miss the important stuff.

Pisces: you'll get hit with a square from Jupiter. Your perspective might get pushed so far  into outer-space that you forget what the point was. Don't lose touch with reality.

Sagittarius: you'll be challenged by an opposition from Jupiter. What you know will have some new/intriguing/frustrating information thrown at it.  How do you react? Hint: self-righteousness is not the way to go.

Gemini: lucky you. Jupiter in your sign will boost everything from soup to nuts. You'll have so much attention/opportunity coming at you that you might spin out of control. Focusing will be difficult; take a breath and step back. There's a danger of wasting all this fab energy by trying to do too many things and accomplishing nothing.

For everyone, the house in your chart occupied by Gemini will bust wide open with possibilities. Get ready to use them.