Pisces: Letting Go or Giving Up?

What's the difference between surrendering and giving up? One involves letting go of expectations and accepting the fact that a greater energy is at play in your life. The other involves sinking into depression and apathy.

I've just described the two sides of Pisces (the Shadow side and the Evolved Side). If you have natal planets in Pisces, aspecting Neptune or currently being hit by the transit of Neptune in Pisces, you're familiar with this energy. It's tough to differentiate. Pisces insists that you let go. But how you do that is the kicker. Letting go of hope is a very different thing from letting go of expectations.

Pisces Shadow: "I give up."  No forward movement because you figure there's no point.

Pisces Evolved: "I'm letting go of my limits." Absolute forward movement. Even though you may not be 100% certain of what's waiting, you have faith that it will be in your best interests.