The New Moon In Gemini: Do It Smart

There's a New Moon on June 19th at 28 degrees Gemini. Didn't we just have a New Moon in Gemini last month? The Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Gemini  (in May) was a super-powered New Moon at the start of this sign. This New Moon will act as a bookend.

Everything that's happened during this Venus retrograde period (in Gemini) has been about the right choices. Some of you learned interesting/upsetting information connected to relationships and self-esteem. What you did with that information was key. Venus won't be going direct until June 27th, but this New Moon in the last degrees of Gemini will be a prompt to start fresh.

Now that certain truths have been revealed, what are you going to do about it? You're definitely not going to make the same mistakes.  If a situation/ex lover pops up (again), you'll have the necessary information to handle things differently. Right? This New Moon is a fresh start in the same sign that hosted a New Moon last month. It's rare, and you won't throw away the chance to make a stellar re-boot. You've got wisdom, and you'll know how to apply it.

Because you've learned your lesson.