Astrology Of An Outsider

Are you an outsider? A hermit? A rebel?

If you're different from everyone (you just know it, feel it, own it) I'll bet my morning coffee you have some strong Aquarian energy in your chart. Personal planets (especially the Sun, Moon, Venus) in Aquarius. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) conjunct, square or opposite your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars. Uranus pushes whatever planet it touches to the edge of acceptability (and often over the edge). You don't quite fit in. People sense this and find the tension exciting or scary. And this is either painful or fine with you (probably a combination of both).

Wonderful contradiction about Aquarius; it's the sign of friendship and the collective. But it's also about standing apart from the group. So you get cool, detached Aquarians who can take anything you throw at them because they are not quite fully invested. But they will be your friend for life. Then you get the angry Aquarians who reject everyone else before they can be rejected. It's tough living on the outside.

If this is you, it's your job to wake other people up. That's what Aquarians do; shake the rest of the world out of its complacency. The planet(s) in your chart touched by Aquarian energy are how you express this radical wake-up call. It's beyond your control, you understand. That part of you is going to bring other people's fears/flaws/limitations/talents into sharp relief. And when people snicker or spit or approach with curiosity (because you are insanely intriguing) you stay cool.