Bring On The Light; Mercury Retrograde Meets The Sun

Mercury retrograde unites with the Sun at 6 degrees Leo (on July 28th). This will mark the peak of the messages Mercury has been delivering since it went retrograde (on July 14th).

This transit has been about re-examining  the Leo themes in your life; being appreciated, being special, being recognized. Because it's a retrograde period, you've been looking more closely at the internal stuff. Does it sink in when someone truly appreciates you? Does it sink in when they don't? Do you send out the message that you're worth it? Some of you may be caught up in scenarios from the past where you felt "less than".  You thought that garbage was behind you, but lo and behold, here it is again. This may be especially true for Virgo and Gemini Suns.

If you're on repeat, know that the union of Mercury and the Sun will give you an exit strategy. It's illumination. Clarity. You'll understand how you can do things differently, this time around. Mercury won't go direct until August 8th, but tomorrow is a critical turning point. You'll make sense of what you've learned so far, and be able to apply this to the rest of the retrograde period. Keep an eye out for specifics; one person, conversation, moment, memory or email.