Horoscopes for July 15th to July 22nd


This is the week of wanting it all.  The New Moon (on July 18th) is powerful in Cancer, the sign that it rules. Developments are fuelled by the need for security and satisfaction. As the Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd, it will also be at full power in its home sign. Appreciation and achievement are themes, giving the new beginnings from a few days before a primal drive for recognition. If you're not feeling special, wanted, loved or needed, you'll be compelled to change this.


Creation is your theme for this week. The New Moon opens a fresh chapter in your home or family situation, while the Sun's entrance into Leo fires up your potential for success and creativity. The birth of a child, a new beginning with your mother, a relocation or new perspective on the past are all possibilities. This is an excellent time to launch a home business or project.  Inviting something (or someone) new and fabulous into your life is a good way to work with this energy.


Your most personal communications and plans are re-charged. The New Moon can reveal a fresh emotional perspective or trigger an intimate conversation, while the Sun's entrance into Leo brings issues around home and family to the forefront.  Needs, nurturing and dependency will be themes. This influence can open the door to a deeper connection with someone special, or help you express your desires. Starting a family of your own could be a topic of discussion. Alternatively, the accomplishments or drama in a sibling's life could temporarily demand everyone's attention.


How do you get what you need? This week will present some answers as the New Moon points the way to deeper security and the Sun fires up your desire to ask for it. Personal finances, self-esteem and self-nurturing become crucial; this is prime time to ask for a raise, suss out other sources of income or put your feelings on the line.  You can feel dissatisfied or empowered, but both states signal your growing urge to put yourself first.


Personal satisfaction is on the rise as the New Moon in your sign gives you a second wind, while the Sun's entrance into Leo spotlights financial and emotional resources. If you've been settling, putting something off or shying away from going after what you want, these influences can push you forward. Second-best is no longer good enough, and you're ready for others to recognize exactly what you have to offer. This could involve financial compensation or tangible appreciation of what you've been giving.


The Sun in your sign puts you in the spotlight, while the New Moon in your sector of secrets urges you to keep some things hidden. It's a mixed bag of attention and privacy. While you may feel the pressure to perform, excel or meet expectations, background developments are still unclear. Let others know that you're up for it, but understand that you don't have to reveal all your cards just yet. Allow your instincts to steer you through public interactions.


What you give and get from others is up for debate this week. The New Moon hi-lights your public profile while the Sun's move into Leo stirs up subconscious/unacknowledged issues. New friendships or realizations about your place in the group will be emotional and based on a deeper need to be appreciated. It won't be enough for you to be helpful or dependable anymore; a more profound desire for recognition from your peers will be stirring in the background. Who you reach out to (and who comes your way) will reflect this.


Your public profile is on fire. The New Moon lights up new career opportunities while the Sun activates your social life. This is the time to apply for the job/promotion that you really want, or initiate a special project that could grab the attention of authorities. You'll stand out in your group and at the office if your efforts are backed by feeling. Image, status and public acclaim are strong points for you right now, so take advantage. Recognition for work that has emotional resonance (rather than slaving away at a job that means nothing to you) is where it's at.


This is the week you can reach a bit further. The New Moon introduces expansive opportunities while the Sun fires up your career sector. Watch for new developments involving long distance travel, education, publishing or legal matters. A chance to reach into the unknown can advance your career or spread your professional influence. You can contact a wider audience or boost your professional image more than you thought possible. Need for recognition is the fuel that will get you there.


What you share with others can be your launch pad into something far greater. The New Moon triggers a realization/new beginning involving intimacy and sharing. Someone may get closer, take a relationship to the next level or bond over shared secrets. Alternatively, shared finances (debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances) can be re-evaluated. The deeper you go and the more you share, the greater your awareness will be of bigger possibilities. You'll want more and aim higher, because anything will seem possible now.


Partnerships are intense and all consuming. The New Moon can trigger a fresh relationship while the Sun heats up your sector of intimacy. This new phase in your romantic life can feel overwhelming; it may seem as if all the cards are in someone else's hands. The truth is you don't have a lot of control right now, but sometimes you need to let go in order to experience the most a situation has to offer. Alternatively, this new beginning could involve a time out or permanent break; once again, you can't control what surfaces.


Work and personal relationships make an uneasy mix this week. The New Moon emphasizes duty to others while the Sun focuses your attention on romantic give and take. New developments concerning your health, co-workers or routine chores can be emotionally overwhelming. At the same time, a romantic relationship (or prospective new partner) can be demanding. You'll have to step up and respond to everyone's needs, but set aside some time to revitalize your own, personal routine.


Work and play are hi-lighted as the New Moon urges you to express yourself while the Sun vitalizes your daily routine. A new romance, creative project or desire to shine can be deeply satisfying. Don't be afraid to pull out all the stops, even as work becomes busier. You'll have the energy and focus to make it happen. Take some time to polish up your diet or exercise regime; you'll want to be in top form with all the attention that's coming your way.