Horoscopes for July 1st to July 8th


July 3rd sees Mars move into Libra and a Full Moon in Capricorn. After Mars' long stay in workaholic Virgo, it will be time for some of you to cut loose. Others will have to balance ambition with social grace; Mars does not turn on full force in this Venus ruled sign.  "Initiate Conscientiously"  is your motto for this week. The Full Moon in realistic Capricorn can bring a final pay off, pay back or definite conclusion. There will be no unexpected results, because this sign is all about cause and effect.


The Full Moon lights up your career sector with a career shift, ending or culmination in your job search. It's time to move on, make a final decision or cash in on the results of solid efforts you have been putting in. Results will be tangible and so will endings. As Mars (your ruler) enters your relationship sector, it becomes less about you and more about them. Balancing your relationship needs against a partner/potential partner can feel tricky because you're used to having the control. Letting someone else take the wheel can be fun as well.


The Full Moon brings you to the finish line regarding a long distance trip, legal or publishing matter, education or new opportunities. There will be no mistaking where the line is drawn; you'll either be able to move full-steam ahead or the option will have to be dropped. Mars enters your sector of day to day activities, ushering in a hectic time. Expect more work and more chores. Fortunately, your energy will be on the rise as well. Your task will be to balance service to others with looking after yourself.


The Full Moon can manifest some issues that you have no control over. The influence of others on you (financially or emotionally) will be key and this could feel overwhelming. If you start to feel swamped, look for concrete proof (it will be there) of where a situation is moving to. Pushing past or establishing boundaries will be key. Mars brings you the gifts of amped up charm, increased creativity and confidence. Flirting, making the first move, strutting your stuff - these will all work for you as your purpose and drive for success is energized.


The Full Moon (your ruler) can bring relationship issues to a boil. Whether a relationship ends, turns a corner or solidifies, know that what you're seeing is a physical manifestation of previous events. Partners will want concrete assurances of your intentions. Step up and show them what you've got. Mars enters your sector of home and family, stirring up activity, disputes, relocations and increased business (if you're running a home business). It will feel hectic and tempers can flare; focus on balanced responses and pay attention to the needs of others.


The Full Moon brings health and work matter to a head. Issues may include concrete proof of your capabilities on the job or the physical results of a diet/exercise regime or medical issue. Results, not words, will help you now. Mars fires up your communication sector, pushing you to speak your mind. Know that the stronger your words are, the stronger the responses will be. Balance your views with the opinions of others and avoid projecting your anger.


The Full Moon can bring you solid, favourable results involving a creative project or new romance. What you get now will be a direct result of what you've been putting into it. Any success that manifests has serious long term potential, so keep building towards your desires. Mars in your security sector can bring money in, but you may spend it just as quickly. Some of this will be due to unforeseen expenses but for the most part what you save is under your control. Getting your emotional needs met will be most successful if you compromise.


The Full Moon hi-lights family matters. A rental/mortgage issue may conclude or you could have to deal with a wrap-up involving your parents. This Moon will be driven by childhood experiences/expectations so reactions will be instinctive instead of rational. Mars moves into your sign, giving you a much needed boost of energy and initiative. The ball's in your  court; what are you going to do with it?


The Full Moon can turn thoughts into reality. Plans that you've been working on or ideas that you've been tossing around will now materialize. Nothing surprising here - you've seen it coming for awhile. If you need to have a final conversation or conclude a deal, this Moon can give you full closure. Mars enters your sector of hidden things, prompting you to pull back and consider the issues. If you're confused about which way to go, it's preferable that you allow things to develop on their own; this is not the time to come on/come out full strength.


The Full Moon can manifest a new level of financial or emotional security, or it may hi-light what's lacking. The events of the past month will tell you which way the energy will flow. Use the energy to find solid ways of looking after yourself. Mars gives your social life a boost as associations and friendships become energized. Get out and mingle, but watch out for petty arguments, jealousies and resentments.


The Full Moon in your sign pushes you to a final decision or turning point. There's no going back now, but you know that the next phase will involve your new identity/purpose that's gradually been forming. It's all part of your plan. Mars in your sector of career and status can raise your visibility and grab favourable attention. If you want to make your mark, now's the time. Just remember the steps to the social dance; you'll need them to keep up.


The Full Moon can bring a background shift or subconscious realization. It's what you can't see that's important now; an ending, goodbye or conclusion may affect you more deeply than you imagined. Before you act on something, consider what it really means to you. Then consider it again. Mars turns your attention to distant horizons and exotic possibilities; travel, education and escape are all beckoning now.


The Full Moon can clarify which friendships and associations you want in your life. Goodbyes are part of the process of reconstructing your public foundation and they can also bring relief. Use this energy to push through social doubts or anxieties. Mars stirs up financial or emotional undercurrents. The ball is in someone else's court now but you're not helpless; focus on exploring your reactions and impulses, especially what you project onto others. What you learn will be the key to help you move forward.