Horoscopes for July 22nd to July 29th




Jupiter brings the goods as it transits Gemini, but it runs into a sensitive square with Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Pisces on July 24th. This aspect makes you doubt positive developments by triggering insecurities and old wounds. But it also pushes you to adjust what you're saying/thinking; are you making the most of this positive energy or distracting yourself from what's really bothering you?  On July 25th, Uranus retrograde in Aries trines Mercury retrograde in Leo. Reconsider the unexpected, the unusual, the uninvited. There's a chance to reveal something fantastic, but only if you follow your instincts.


Jupiter's square to Chiron can trigger some surprising issues. A positive/hopeful conversation will stir up doubts, or good news can make you ask "But what if this doesn't work out?" Rather than expecting the worst, hope for the best while taking a good look at where that negative whisper is really coming from. Uranus in your sign sparks a fiery, innovative trine with Mercury in your sector of creativity. A spicy flirtation, flash of inspiration or exciting re-connection can have you re-evaluating your current situation.


Jupiter in your sector of personal resources can stir up trouble with friends or groups. Its square to Chiron can trigger painful reminders of who has more and who is lacking. Jealousy, resentment and feeling left out can all be issues, so tread carefully when discussing your good fortune. Mercury retrograde can bring up some family revelations as it trines Uranus in your sector of secrets. A re-play of family dramas will end quite differently, or information from the past can provide unexpected freedom. It's time to re-write that old script.


Jupiter in your sign can push you to question your abilities as it squares Chiron in your career sector. You have so much to offer. But is it enough? You're on the way up. But will you be accepted at the top?  The answer to these questions is "Yes", as long as you deal with the devil on the shoulder who keeps insisting that you're a fraud. Uranus in your sector of friends and groups sends a surprising hello to Mercury;  friends from the past, fated encounters, chance meetings…watch for any or all of these to cross your path when you least expect it.


Jupiter in your sector of secrets is stirring up hidden potentials and possibilities. Could that dream/secret hope actually be within reach? The square to Chiron may almost convince you that you're fooling yourself. But don't let your insecurities stand in the way of something new; keep reaching and go further.  Even if it doesn't unfold that way you imagined it, you'll still get more than you bargained for. Uranus and Mercury ask you to  take another look at a career path or job opportunity; there's more for you (perhaps in the form of a raise or second stream of income) than you first thought. Pitch your idea a second time and see what happens.


Jupiter in your sector of groups can trigger some sore spots. New friends, a shift in your social life or even good news from friends could stir up control/boundary issues. Someone might try to get too close, too fast, or the influence of the group (even if it's well intentioned) could feel intrusive. This is an opportunity to stake out your boundaries and explore how much impact others really have over you. Mercury retrograde in your sign can push you to re-consider an overseas opportunity, chance to travel, go back to school or explore the unknown.


Jupiter is bringing you more exposure, opportunities and connections in your career sector. But the square to Chiron can trigger insecurities in your partner, fears of abandonment or hi-light power imbalances. Use this as an opportunity to talk through these issues. As Mercury (your ruler) retrogrades through your hidden sector, secrets and sudden impulses may drive you to do or say something totally out of character. This can be liberating, but use caution; the results cannot be predicted. Also, are you 100% clear on your motivations?


As Jupiter moves through your sector of opportunities, it continues to bring positive developments/messages involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You may get tripped up this week as the square to Chiron throws up obstacles involving your health or work. You may have to sacrifice something if you want to move forward. Mercury in your sector of friends and groups can bring up unexpected contact with an ex partner, or a long time friend may suddenly become more. An existing relationship can be enhanced as you re-evaluate how it impacts your friendships. Uranus is currently re-defining your partnerships, so allow this aspect to open your eyes to new possibilities.


Jupiter can bring you more intimacy, more money or more help from others. But if you find yourself shrinking from the glow, know that it's the square to Chiron being activated; the more you receive, the more you feel like you don't deserve it. Allow others to keep giving, because you deserve every bit. Mercury and Uranus can offer a second chance regarding career opportunities, a job offer or chance to impress management. Don't hesitate; your immediate reaction and show of interest is key.


Good things are happening in your relationship, but sometimes even positive events can remind you of a painful past. As an existing or potential partnership expands, you may be reminded of childhood wounds, doubt and fears. Remind yourself that these wounds are in the past and can't touch your current success story because you're doing things differently now. Aren't you? Mercury retrograde asks you to reconsider a long distance journey, educational or publishing opportunity. There's a gift of innovation and success waiting for you, but it won't be around for long.


While your work/daily routine is buzzing along with ideas and positive energy, you might stop to question yourself. Is what you're communicating worthwhile? Do others hear or appreciate what you're saying? Allow yourself to ponder these doubts for a bit, but only long enough to adjust the message you're sending out. Compassionate and self-aware is good, grinding to halt in the muck of self-doubt is not. Mercury and Uranus can present a breakthrough or uncover a solution involving home finances, family dynamics or your need to free yourself from the past.  Re-thinking what you "know" to be true about your personal boundaries can show you the light.


Jupiter's gifts should make you feel good; flirtations, fun, romantic encounters, creative success. So why are they stirring up your anxieties? It seems like the more you try to make yourself feel secure, the emptier these "feel good" situations become. The key lies with your actual security needs; they are changing, and the old ways just don't cut it anymore. Stop wasting Jupiter's potential and start focusing on what would really make you happy.  Mercury and Uranus can ignite an old flame or push you to re-consider your current relationship status. Single or attached, it's time to do things differently; take a close look at the messages you're sending to others about how you expect to be treated.


Chiron in your sign has been bringing old wounds to the surface. As the situation with home or family continues to change, these doubts/fears will expand. Positive domestic developments can feel like too much, too soon. Allow yourself a time out to process and recognize that this forward momentum is taking you in the right direction. Mercury and Uranus give you another shot at increased/alternative income. Watch for a surprise message involving work or a breakthrough that shows you the last piece of the puzzle.