Horoscopes for July 29th to August 5th


The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st forms a buoyant trine to Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter creates optimism, so even endings will hit a good note. The theme is change, forward movement and fresh information/realizations that trigger it all. Some of the occurrences may be surprising, but it all points in a beneficial direction. Watch for last minute saves or 11th Hour interventions;  when Aquarius (the rebel) and Jupiter (luck) combine, anything can happen.


The Full Moon hi-lights groups relations and friendships. It's not just about you, it's about how you fit in (or don't) with others. Fortunately, Jupiter smooths things over with hopeful information, uplifting conversations or ideas that lead to an "A-ha!" moment. This should be a friendly, sociable time where you get a clear view of who your friends are and how they can help you. Public announcements, speeches and presentations are favoured.


This Full Moon shines a favourable light on your career and public image. If you want to ask for a raise, Jupiter encourages you to go for it. Looking for a new job or audience  that pays you what you're worth? This influence could mark the successful culmination of your search. Even if you leave your job, this energy suggests that the change will be beneficial; think onwards and upwards. Increased security is connected to your recognition of when it's time to free yourself from limiting habits and outdated loyalties.


Jupiter in your sign hooks into this Full Moon. It's a powerful, positive turning point where you may decide to reach further than you ever have in areas such as long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. If you've been debating your next move forward, an opportunity could be delivered right to you. Do not hesitate; it's time to exceed your reach. Jupiter has been steadily expanding your understanding of what you're capable of. Now is the time to put that understanding into action.


The Full Moon (your ruler) lights up the very sensitive spot in your chart that represents intimacy and shared resources. Usually, this will make you feel out of control because someone else has influence over this area. But Jupiter is helping you out from the background, so issues around debts, taxes, loans, your partners finances or letting down your boundaries should work out in your favour. Watch for unexpected help from where (or who) you least expect it. Or, your own personal inspiration may kick in at the last second, giving you a brilliant idea that changes the game completely.


Have partnerships been a loaded issue lately? The Full Moon will bring things to a conclusion, but it will be a positive one.  Whether you move to the next level of commitment or decide to end things, Jupiter sends encouraging information, support or developments from friends. They've got your back and someone may even intercede at the last minute with information that puts things in a whole new light. An existing relationship that moves forward will do so with their assistance.


You can make some huge gains in your career. The Full Moon lights up your sector of work and health, pointing to a finish line or realization. Jupiter in your career sector encourages you to complete the necessary tasks or move forward with your project; your very next step will take you up the ladder. Are you hesitating?  This influence is about changing the way you do things on a micro level, to achieve macro results. It's been building for a while now; don't underestimate what a difference tweaking your routine (health or work) can make.


Success is linked to your willingness to embrace new opportunities on this Full Moon. The culmination of a creative project or personal goal is staring you in the face. The door that leads to the next level is wide open. So, what are you waiting for? Developments involving long distance travel, education, publishing, legal matters or anything "foreign" is where your next step leads. Sure, it's unfamiliar. But it's time for you to dip your toe in some new waters.


The Full Moon brings family and home matters to a head. Watch for final decisions involving relocation, your parents, or childhood issues. As loaded as all this may feel, Jupiter's influence ensures an encouraging outcome, especially in the areas of finances or buried family issues. A lot of psychological baggage may see the light of day now, but it will come as a relief.


Jupiter in your relationship sector has been bringing opportunities galore. Not all of them have been worth hanging onto, though. This Full Moon will give you clarity on what you should embrace and what you should forget about. One relationship in particular may be featured as you receive some critical information or have a turning -point conversation.  It's all good news for you though, because the next step brings you closer to what you really want. Your theme this week is reaching beyond what you've become accustomed to.


The Full Moon hi-lights financial and emotional security. Do you have enough? If not, what can you do to change this? Jupiter has the answer, and it involves an upgrade to your work and/or health routine. This could range from a new job opportunity that brings unexpected payback to a health/work overhaul that nets you so much more. Opportunity for fulfilment lies in your willingness to push your daily boundaries.


The Full Moon in your sign hooks into some sparkling, successful energy. You'll either reap the rewards of a creative project/personal goal, or you'll discover that a new romance/flirtation can lead to much, much more. There's really no downside to this influence. All you have to do is accept the fact that forward is the direction you're moving and that you deserve to be happy. Sound good?


The Full Moon activates your sector of secrets, revealing some surprising developments or unacknowledged information. Much of this will be connected to childhood, family or home. If your home situation has been in flux lately, this Moon will reveal the impact on a deeper level. Time out to rest by yourself can be rejuvenating. What's happening now is part of a bigger picture that involves reaching past limits that were set in childhood. The significance may not be obvious at the moment, but delayed reactions or realizations will hit you later on.