Horoscopes for July 8th to July 15th








Mercury goes retrograde in Leo from July 14th to August 8th. Expect the usual delays and changes involving information, plans, messages and documents. Leo themes of self-actualization, purpose, appreciation and recognition will be thrown into the mix. Many of you will be reconsidering what and who makes you feel special.


Mercury's retrograde asks you to take another look at creative work, romantic options or personal goals. An idea or message about something/someone significant is claiming your attention for a reason.  Watch for second chances with an ex-lover or a first meeting filled with deja vu. Alternatively, delays on a creative project can give you a chance to ensure you're delivering the very best. Sometimes the path to success involves a couple of steps backwards.


Watch for delays or a change of plans involving relocations, a home business, mortgages or rental agreements. Family discussions could feature plenty of back-tracking and re-hashing; be patient as others have their say. Mercury's retrograde could also signal a time of exploration about what you truly want for yourself regarding family and children. Are plans/discussions unfolding the way you'd hoped? Put some serious though into what you deserve before you re-open an conversation.


As your ruler goes retrograde, you could find yourself re-considering options, offers and plans. Anything involving messages, conversations, meetings, emails or documents  is subject to revision and/or delays. Pushing forward will not help so hold off until Mercury goes direct, if possible. If you must finalize an agreement or make an important declaration, be prepared for a possible 180 after the retrograde period.


Mercury's retrograde puts your security (emotional and financial) into focus. Are you getting (or making) what you deserve? This isn't about good enough, it's about you feeling special and appreciated. If it's not happening, this retrograde period will push you to ask why. Issues around payments, salaries or raises may be delayed, or the details could be confusing. If possible, wait until Mercury goes direct before finalizing any financial agreements.


Mercury retrograde in your sign can trigger a re-think about the quality of situations or people that have been claiming your attention. It's time to dig a little deeper regarding what you want and who can give it to you.  Your larger purpose/plans may also be up for revision. This influence can be an excellent time to check if you are on track regarding your life's goals; if not, come up with some alternate ideas and implement them once Mercury goes direct.


Your ruler's retrograde can trigger some unexpected changes, delays or disappointments.  Developments that you didn't see coming could throw a wrench in things. Take it a step at time; you'll find that in the tensest moments, you uncover some hidden resources/potentials that will see you through. Secrets or suspicions could be troublesome, but control the urge to blurt out what you "know". You do not have the whole story (and won't, until Mercury goes direct), so bide your time for now.


Mercury retrograde can make you  more selective about friends and groups. Where do you want to shine and who do you want by your side? Public image becomes important; this is not about ego, it's about getting the recognition you deserve. Friends and associates from the past may re-enter your life now. Also, watch for a significant meeting /new friendship that has a "fated" quality.


It's time to re-evaluate your career. This retrograde period will concentrate your focus on the recognition you've been receiving (or haven't been receiving) for your work. If you're feeling under appreciated, now is the time to find out why. Alternatively, meetings/discussions may be delayed or re-worked. Don't panic if a project/contract is put on hold; it's part of the Mercury retrograde process (things should move forward once Mercury goes direct). For this same reason, if you're ready to launch a new proposal or business idea, wait until this retrograde period is over.


How far do you want to go? Mercury retrograde finds you reconsidering your options. Plans will be confused or delayed, so use the downtime to re-assess if this direction is the right one for you. Try to put off finalizing legal/publishing agreements, travel or education plans until Mercury goes direct. However, this is an excellent time to explore any new alternatives (or re-consider old ones) that involve inviting someone or something new into your life.


Mercury retrograde prompts you to dig deep in matters involving boundaries and intimacy. You may re-consider letting someone in or taking a relationship to the next level; it's all part of the process of figuring out what honours your deepest needs. Alternatively, shared finances (taxes, debts, loans, inheritances or your partner's finances) may require a do-over. Hold off finalizing all financial documents/agreements until Mercury goes direct.


You may not be interested in a relationship re-hash, but Mercury retrograde could bring an ex partner back into your life. Whether this happens in your mind or this person actually reconnects with you, your focus should be about honouring your personal relationship goals. Did this person make you feel special? An existing relationship may go through the same re-evaluation process.


Mercury retrograde switches your focus to health and routine. Are you treating yourself in the best way possible (through diet, exercise and daily care)? How much are you giving to others versus yourself? Are you acknowledged on a daily basis? The theme will be how your daily life (and the people you interact with) supports or hinders your sense of purpose. Expect delays and confusion regarding work routines, medical results or  dealings with service people (mechanics, electricians, plumbers, etc).