How Saturn in Scorpio Will Benefit Cancer and Pisces

So everyone's afraid of Saturn in Scorpio. It's a heavy transit; endings, focused darkness, diving headfirst into the pond at night. Etcetera.

But guess who will be rejoicing? I'm talking about you, Pisces and Cancer. Saturn in Scorpio will be trining your planets. Lovely, stabilizing, soothing, supportive trines.

Pisces: Saturn will give you a much-needed shot of focus (useful while Neptune is in your sign). Reality will blend gently with cherished fantasies. Consider it a wake-up nudge. You can actually manifest some of those Neptune induced dreams.

Cancer: Saturn will support you, giving you something to fall back on as Pluto opposes your sign. Get ready for a shot of perspective and toughness; you'll set your boundaries and discover new ways to take care of yourself. Goodbye neediness, hello iron will.

If you have planets from 0 to 9 degrees Pisces and Cancer, you'll be strengthened by Saturn from October to December, 2012. In 2013, planets from 6 to 20 degrees Cancer and Pisces will reap the benefits.