Looking Out For Number One: Uranus and Mercury Retrograde

Double Fire sign retrograde coming up. Delays? Yes. Self-involved? Of course. Lack of progress? No!

Uranus goes retrograde (8 degrees Aries) on July 13th, and Mercury goes retrograde (12 degrees Leo) on July 14th. They will be trining each other until July 26th. This means an easy flow of energy, despite the retrograde backtracking.

Most of you know that Mercury retrograde in any sign means snafus and 180s in the areas of communication, electronics, ideas and documentation.  Conventional wisdom says hold off on final decisions (especially if it involves signing something) until Mercury goes direct. Of course, you might not be able to put your life on hold (read this post on initiating activities during retrograde periods).

But Mercury retrograde in Leo is about more than delays. It's a chance to re-evaluate your purpose and goals (in the area of your chart where Leo is). It's a time to ask the following questions:

  • Does this person (or people) appreciate me?
  • Are my contributions being fully acknowledged?
  • Am I getting the attention I deserve?

Leo is a subjective sign and Mercury retrograde turns the energy of thought inwards. So, yeah...lots of navel gazing coming up. But it's necessary. How else are you going to figure out what you're worth? 

Exploration will be enabled by Uranus' retrograde in Aries. This planet/sign combination wants radical change now; forget what anyone else wants. The area of your chart (and life) with Aries in it has been ruthlessly shaken over the past few months. Change of this magnitude needs the brakes (retrograde) applied to it at some point, if only to ensure that you don't fly off the road. Uranus retrograde trine Mercury will push you to clarify, break through limits, and put yourself first in situations that have already changed.  Your attention will be focused on anything you've missed or shied away from. If you've been embracing the changes, this energy will ensure that you're on the right track.

Make the most of Uranus/Mercury retrograde by:

  • Putting your energy into the full potential of changes/opportunities that have already occurred.  Hint: this potential will involve a way for you to shine/uncover a new talent.
  • Exploring brand new developments but (if possible) delaying full-on commitments/launches until Mercury goes direct.

Mercury will go direct on August 8th. Those with planets between 8-12 degrees Aries or Leo will feel this influence most strongly.