Mars' Transit of Libra: Social Shooter

Mars moves into Libra on July 3rd, finally busting out of workaholic Virgo. Mars has to do the social dance in polite Libra. Mars is blunt, Libra is flirty. Cue the passive-agressive, indecisive, light-hearted run around. Cut loose, but do it pretty. This transit is about balancing your desires with someone else's.  It has to look nice, even if it's not. See why Mars can build up a whole heap of resentment in this sign?

That's if it's handled badly, of course. Super switched on Mars in Libra can blow off steam with out hurting anyone. Anger is expressed conscientiously and initiative is balanced. Power is expressed politically and ruthlessness is silky-smooth. The area of your chart with Libra in it is about to get a shot of energy; make sure you know how to balance your actions in this part of your life. It's always a good idea to treat others the way you want to be treated. But in the sign of projection and social consequences, it's crucial.

Mars will form a vague inconjunct to Neptune at 2 degrees Pisces (July 3rd to July 8th). Social (Libra) actions (Mars) can be misdirected or unreliable. If you're presented with an opportunity, you might be too timid. If you charge forward, it might be in the direction of a fantasy. Your best bet for these few days is to hold off on direct action and don't expect much from others. This aspect will impact those with planets between 0-2 degrees Pisces or Libra.

Things will get much smoother from July 11th to 17th as Mars forms a confident trine to Jupiter in Gemini. Choices will be obvious and plentiful. Confidence will be high and lighthearted flirting/romance will be sparkling.  You'll feel this one if you have planets between 4-7 degrees Gemini or Libra.

Mars will be conjuncting Saturn in Libra, but I'll discuss this fairly significant aspect closer to the date (mid August).

Mars will be in Libra until August 23rd.