The Alchemy of Punishment: Mars/Saturn in the Natal Chart

As a warm up to the impending Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra (which I will blog about in a couple of days), let's chat about Mars/Saturn as a natal aspect. Specifically, the hard (oppositions, squares and conjunctions) aspects.

Mars is energy, passion, intiative. Saturn is limits. You see where this is going. It's a tough one, especially when you're young and have no idea why every action you attempt is blocked or frustrated. The hard aspects are cruel; I've seen this in the charts of people who endured excessive physical punishment, usually at the hands of their father.

But there's an upside. These aspects becomes easier to handle with maturity (Saturn). The punishment/deprivation endured as child is the alchemical process that turns Mars' energy into a hammer. People who get past the bone deep anger become juggernauts of determination. Physical powerhouses. Long distance runners. This energy produces endurance, in spades. The simmering anger (and sense of injustice) is always there, but if it's harnessed into something constructive, it's unstoppable. But there is always a sense of punishment, either self-directed or projected.

Things to realize if you have hard aspects between your Mars and Saturn :

  • Others can sense that you're angry, no matter how deeply you bury it. It makes them uneasy. Healthy release will get you further than denial.
  • Consider your tendency to take the long way around in everything you do. If you're enjoying the slog, that's fine. But sometimes there's a quicker route.
  •  As a child, you had to fight against authority. Perhaps your survival was at stake. But it's probably not necessary to fight that same battle as an adult. Where is your energy going?

The trines and sextiles between Mars and Saturn are a bit easier to handle. The energies blend. You get the grit and determination without the frustrating blocks (most of the time).