What Happens When Saturn Transits Over Your Scorpio Ascendent?

One of the most frequent questions I've been getting is "How will Saturn's transit of Scorpio impact my Scorpio Ascendent?" Lots of concerned folks out there with Scorpio Rising.

Here's my answer:

The Ascendent is your identity. It's how you relate to the outside world. Saturn's transit will simultaneously transform and focus your identity. You're already intense; Saturn will increase this by focusing that formidable power. You may intimidate people. They'll definitely respect you. Keep this in mind as you interact with others; you'll be coming across more heavily than you realize. You will have to take responsibility (Saturn) for the power (Scorpio) you project. 'Cause you do give off a whiff of danger, even in your most lighthearted moments.

Increased responsibility may be foisted on you (via a job, relationship or status change). Or you may just feel "heavier" as you decide to shed your skin and transform your image. You'll probably want to withdraw for a bit, and that's fine. Necessary, even. This may be your journey through the valley, but you've got stalwart Saturn as your guide;  stick to the path he's laid out for you and you'll be fine. And if you're asking "How will I find that path?" Don't you worry...Saturn makes it damn obvious what you're supposed to do and where you're supposed to go. 

Of course, much depends on the rest of your chart. And any planets you have in your first house. But this is the general drift. Also, for anyone experiencing a Saturn transit over their AC, know that your focus will be pulled inwards (towards home, family and personal development) until Saturn passes over the cusp of your 4th House (in about 6 years).