Horoscopes for August 19th to August 26th


The Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd, and the focus shifts to the micro level. What's wrong? What's missing? How can it be improved? Virgo is about precision and perfection. Mars' move into intense Scorpio on August 23rd enables Virgo's energy. There's a push to look beneath the surface and not take "no" for an answer. These combined energies are about strategic selection, and anything or anyone that doesn't make the cut will be dropped.


As the summer draws to a close, your focus will shift to work, health and exercise routines. Details make all the difference now as you fine tune, work on self-improvement and tie up loose ends. Service to others takes on added importance. As your ruler (Mars) moves into your sector of shared resources, intimacy can intensify. So can your drive for power; proceed with caution as everyone may not be prepared to deal with the new, more potent, you.


The Sun lights up your sector of creativity, celebration and children. Parties, pleasure and down to earth enjoyments are on the agenda. There's a sense of working to get what you want; earned rewards are enjoyed even more. But romance is serious business, as you'll discover when Mars enters your partnership sector. A new or existing relationship will not be placid. Partners may demand increased intimacy or proof of your commitment. Watch for possessiveness or power plays.


The coming month will be about domestic commitments as the Sun moves into your home and family sector. Keep an eye on the details involving mortgages, relocations, home businesses, or family medical issues. Small home repairs may also demand attention. Mars' activation of your work/health sector increases the busy tempo. Routine tasks/health matters may demand more in depth investigation or dedication. This can be an excellent time to shift your exercise routine to a more intensive level; you'll need to empower yourself in order to keep up with the demands of others.


The Sun fires up your communication sector. Messages, conversations, emails, ideas and plans will all shift into high gear. Whether the information is ingoing or outgoing, facts, truth and precision will be important. But in general, information should be positive as Mars fires up your sector of creativity and celebrations. Watch for intense attractions, creative high points and a surge of confidence. Your success and need for appreciation will be paramount so don't hesitate to go after what you want or speak your mind. This can be an auspicious time for conceiving a child, launching a personal goal or making first contact (business or personal).


As the Sun (your ruler) moves into your security sector, you'll focus on emotional and financial satisfaction. This is a time of reaping what you've sown. If difficult developments have left you with a shortage, use this time to regroup and plan your next move. Mars enters your home and family sector, stirring up possible domestic disputes, breakdowns around the home and an increased risk for accidents. Go slow, even if the energy is volatile. The root cause of all conflicts/breakdowns (even in household items) will be deeper than you think.


The Sun in your sign can give you a second wind, new incentive, fresh start or fresh opportunity. This influx of solar energy is a time to set your agenda for the next year and decide how you want to approach things. You have some serious power and initiative on your side now. Mars in your communication sector can give your words extra oomph, so keep this in mind when you express yourself. Less is more with this influence, and a few carefully selected statements will have a deeper impact than you imagine. This energy can help you investigate, uncover the truth or get to the heart of a longstanding issue. On the other hand, someone may shoot a cutting truth in your direction, so be prepared.


The Sun moves into your sector of secrets, urging you to pull back, rest or keep to yourself. Use this time to regroup or work on private potentials that you're not ready to make public just yet. Private developments may be driven by emotional/financial security as Mars' moves into your sector of personal resources. This influence can heat up a relationship or make you more determined to go after what you want. Alternatively, finances can see a lot of action as more money (via a pay increase or other source of income) flows in. But expenses can increase as well, so be strategic with what you earn.


It's time to step out as the Sun enters your social sector.  Group activities, community connections, helping friends (or being helped by them) are the themes for the next month. Fortunately, Mars moves into your sign, giving you the energy and confidence to deal with the increased social tempo.  This is a favourable time to initiate something new (especially if it involves social connections or your public image). Just keep in mind that your customary intensity will be quadrupled under Mars' influence; the energy that  you put out will draw in something (or someone) similar.


The Sun hi-lights your career sector as you take stock of a current job situation. Stay or go? Make do with your position or try to improve it? You'll become aware of everything that's wrong or unsatisfactory in your career. But before you take that next step next, know that Mars' entrance into your hidden sector is stirring up background developments/intrigues that you are not privy to just yet . Hold off on taking any definitive action until Mars moves into your sign (October 6th). You'll be able to act with full confidence and clarity then.


Ready to push your boundaries? The Sun moves into your opportunities sector, and new developments involving long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing or foreign influences beckon. Something new is on the horizon, and Mars pushes you forward to meet it as it enters your social sector. You may reach out to the community, join a new group or evaluate a new/current friendship. The theme is examining who has value in your life, and certain associations may end as you make room for fresh developments.


The Sun enters your sector of shared resources, turning your focus to debts, loans, taxes, inheritances or your partner's finances. Details are important as you become acutely aware of how much you owe or how much more you need. Fortunately, Mars is firing up your career sector, pushing you demand more and have others acknowledge your value. If you want to make a strategic move on the job, now is the time. Just use some caution, as it will be easy to antagonize others. Also, check motivations (yours and theirs) as some actions may be driven by hard to control fears/compulsions. Keep everything honest and above board.


The Sun enters your partnership sector as you focus on relationship details. Is a current relationship good enough? Can it be improved? What can you do to make things work? A new relationship that starts now may involve someone intriguingly different (Mars is activating your sector of foreign affairs and opportunities). In new or established relationships, the urge for something fresh, exciting and intense can push you to embrace more than you anticipated. Change is good, and the solution to partnership problems lies in taking unexpected action.