Horoscopes for August 5th to August 12th


Venus moves into Cancer on August 7th, emphasizing relationship needs, nurturing and security. Some will feel vulnerable while others will embrace the flood of emotion. Mercury's forward movement (in Leo) on August 8th ends the retrograde period.  Creative plans and ideas/communications related to recognition and appreciation will move forward. The combined energy of these influences hi-lights everyone's primal drive to be loved, seen and embraced.


Mercury direct removes delays surrounding a creative project, personal goal or new romance. The next step forward can be empowering as it confirms your hopes. The time for second thoughts/evaluation is over. Venus' moves into your home and family sector can boost your intimacy with a romantic partner. Alternatively, time alone in your private retreat can rejuvenate the flow of creativity. Private needs, personal gain and creating a source of pleasure/happiness are your themes for this week.


Venus (your ruler) moves into your communications sector, putting emotional depth behind your thoughts and words. Communication is driven by the need for security, nurturing and harmony. Creating a fulfilling family environment is on your agenda, especially with Mercury's direct motion in your home/family sector. Lingering discussions about plans for the home (or starting a family of your own) will finally move forward. Partnership/intimacy issues can be resolved.


Mercury (your ruler) goes direct, propelling you forward into the next chapter or across the finish line. Events can reach a satisfying conclusion, and Venus' entrance into your security sector ensures that financial and emotional abundance are boosted.  Financial plans that were put on hold will advance, or you'll find new ways to boost your income. Alternatively, self-esteem issues can be fully addressed as your personal values soar.


Venus' entrance into your sign boosts your personal appeal and drawing power. Events/ideas that have been brewing over the past month will emerge now. You may enjoy the attention, or feel exposed. If you start question what you should be doing, Mercury's direct motion in your sector of security has the answer; do what resonates with your core values. This could involve giving an answer or finally acting on a decision. Consider who has your best interests at heart.


Mercury goes direct in your sign, confirming your next step or ending a period of evaluation. If you've been looking back/regretting, this influence will help you move forward. The future beckons and there's more ideas/connections/inspiration to come. Venus enters your sector of hidden things, asking you to consider the overlooked or under appreciated. There's so much more behind the scenes than you realize, and now that past dramas have been concluded, you can explore what's there.


Mercury (your ruler) goes direct in your sector of hidden things; watch for inspiration/messages/communications that come out of nowhere. Although what you hear/read or realize may seem to magically appear, it's been brewing for some time. Someone's working for you (behind the scenes) or you have way more insight than you realized. Venus moves into your sector of friends and groups, strengthening your social bonds or introducing an emotionally satisfying new connection. Enjoy the exchange, but use some caution; Mercury's position behind the scenes until August 31st  suggests that motivations/impact will be not entirely clear until then.


Venus (your ruler) moves into your career sector, activating your potential to attract career success, recognition and favour (especially with those in authority). The emphasis  is on career goals that are close to your heart and emotional support (from others) that helps you reach those goals. For some of you, romance and career will become intertwined. Mercury's direct movement keeps a brisk pace with friends, groups and your social status. Previously delayed issues/introductions will move forward, as will your knowledge of who actually appreciates you.


Venus in your opportunities sector can open doors to long distance travel (or love affairs), education, legal agreements or publishing. What's intriguing/desirable may be further away than you're used to, but it's definitely not out of your reach. Mercury direct gets delayed career opportunities, business meetings or plans for your future cooking once again. Now is the time to implement those ideas on how you can stand out in your field.


Venus enters your sector of shared resources, upping your sensitivity and vulnerability. Intimacy can be rewarding now, but it can just as easily become overwhelming. Be very careful with those boundaries. Alternatively, joint finances (debts, taxes, loans, settlements, your partner's finances) can work out in your favour. Mercury moves forward in your opportunities sector, signalling that your path forward involves moving beyond your immediate boundaries. Watch for messages/confirmations involving long distance travel, publishing, legal matters or education.


Venus enters your partnership sector, signalling a new relationship or increased intimacy with an existing love. Are you prepared to let down your guard, just a bit? That's what this influence is asking of you. Mercury's direct movement in your sector of shared resources could be the turning point as you decide to take the plunge.  Issues will include the value of getting close to someone. Sometimes, if it feels good, that's all you need to know.


Venus enters your sector of service, tipping the emotional balance towards one particular person. How much are you giving and what are you getting in return? These questions will be on your mind as Mercury moves forward in your partnership sector. A pivotal conversation or realization could move a relationship to the next level or end it. The key will be how giving makes you feel. Alternatively, work relations could become emotionally tangled. Once again, focus on whether your interactions makes you feel special or less than.


Creativity, fun, romance and attention are all coming at you as Venus changes signs. This is a fantastic, feel good influence that will allow you to celebrate. Even as Mercury goes direct in your sector of day to day activities, and health/work matters pick up speed, you can still give yourself permission to kick back. Watch for breakthroughs/solutions involving health concerns, routines and work communications.