Mars Noir: Mars' Transit Of Scorpio

Mars heads into Scorpio on August 23rd. The first thing that comes to mind is... Sex? Revenge? Stalkers? Yeah, it's an intense transit.

Mars ruled Scorpio before Pluto was discovered, so it's powered up in this sign. If Mars in Aries is external exploration and the physical act of sex, Mars in Scorpio is internal exploration and the intimate side of sex. It's energy that's banked and strategically withheld. Aggression that's tempered with strategy. The initiative to go as deep as possible.

Most people are familiar with Scorpio's shadow side (revenge, manipulation, destruction). That's because Scorpio is the Shadow. So how easy will it be to go off the deep end and try to get back at someone during this transit? But the darker the shadow, the brighter the light. And Scorpio's higher expression will be amped up during this transit. Think transformation, healing and passionate intimacy. Efforts that are so determined you end up surpassing your limits (Scorpio hates limits).

To start things off right, Mars will trine Neptune at 1 degree Pisces from August 23rd to August 27th. This will take some of Scorpio's edge off, and emphasize the deeply compassionate vibe. This would be an ideal time to initiate (Mars) a final goodbye withyour enemies/frenemies/ex you hold a simmering grudge against. Or someone might do the same for you. Note, this only works if you truly want to let go; Scorpio does not look back or try to re-connect (unless it's stuck in lower-Scorpio stalker mode). Then you can do this Mars through the rest of Scorpio with a clean slate and nothing holding you back.

The area of your chart with Scorpio is where you get fixated and angry, or get  transformed and fearlessly empowered. Mars will be revving it up, so the choice is yours. Depending on what house Scorpio is in, you can:

  • Push the limits of sex, intimacy, work, exercise, meditation, cooking...whatever area is appropriate. This transit is about going past whatever boundaries you have, to a healthy new place.  BIG caveat here: if someone else is involved, they must be 100% agreeable. You want to empower, not take power away.

Mars will be in Scorpio until October 6th.