Virgo Power: Sun in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn

It's Virgo empowerment time. The Sun in Virgo is forming a trine with hefty Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn.

Anytime Pluto touches a planet, that planet's energy is intensified. So what do we know about the Sun in Virgo? Precision, perfection, facts, discipline, service. Connected with the planet of power and transformation (in status oriented Capricorn), you get:

  •  Insanely focused efforts that reap significant results.
  • Cutting to the quick of a situation, pinpointing the truth, and discarding everything else.
  • Strategic service. This is not humble sacrifice, but working for someone to advance your agenda.
  • Only accepting the best (from yourself and everyone else).

Yes, Pluto gives Virgo a galaxy class overhaul with his death and regeneration agenda. Forget about Virgo the Servant. This is Virgo the Reaper, efficiently selecting what works and tossing the rest aside. 

If your birthday falls between Aug 22 - Aug 29th, you've got Pluto's power behind you for your entire Solar Return year. Congrats. Use it to write your own ticket (you can). For everyone else, the houses in your chart that hold Capricorn and Virgo will be linked by this potent influence. What area of your life has Pluto been transforming? How can you use these changes to make something better/more precise/more effective? Answer these two questions and you've got a handle on this influence.

Those with planets between 0-7 degrees Virgo will gain the most from this influence. The trine will be exact on August 29th.