Weekly Horoscopes for August 12th to August 19th


There's a bright, bold New Moon in Leo on August 17th. New Moons equal new beginnings; in look-at-me-Leo, you can be sure that they'll grab attention. This New Moon forms a supportive sextile with Mars/Saturn in Libra. Solid efforts, realistic initiatives and limits will all benefit this Moon by giving it structure and support. But there's a catch with the sextile; it's a quiet aspect that requires awareness and initiative to activate it.


The New Moon can bring you something special in the areas of children, romance. creativity or success.  This is the ideal time to kick off a creative project or personal goal; the connection to Mars/Saturn in your relationship sector suggests support and encouragement from a business or romantic partner. This influence bodes well for those of you trying to conceive a child.


This New Moon ushers in a fresh chapter concerning home and family. A relocation, new  family member, start of a home business or new start with parents can be encouraging. The supportive connection to Mars/Saturn in your sector of work and health indicates that balanced efforts, routines and discipline will get things off to a steady start. Even an unpleasant health situation (like surgery) looks like it could have a positive outcome.


The New Moon lights up your communications sector, sparking bold ideas, announcements and messages. This is the time to get your point across or impress someone with your plans. Mars/Saturn's support from your creativity sector indicates that a steady stream of balanced creativity will get you further than an overwhelming dump of ideas. Use existing limits or blocks to focus your efforts.


The New Moon hits you where you'll feel it most; in your sector of security. New beginnings can feel overwhelming, and you might be wondering what comes next. Fortunately, Mars/Saturn reaches out encouragingly from your home and family sector. Family duties or limits can focus your efforts and keep your priorities correct.  Home businesses launches can fare especially well, since your security sector is also your sector of earned income. The key is not to exceed your grasp when you offer your clients something new.


The New Moon in your sign indicates a positive new chapter. What starts now has the dual potential to be passionate/exciting and long lived. Mars/Saturn's support ensures that an even flow of communication and responsible, verbal acknowledgement of someone's efforts will keep this new endeavour afloat. Make an extra effort to reach out, send that email, connect with someone or (if necessary) bite your tongue.  It may seem inconsequential, but you'll be glad you did.


This New Moon lights up your sector of secrets. Potentials are illuminated, secrets come to light or you're made aware of the real story. Much of this will involve feelings of self-worth/confidence. Mars/Saturn in your security sector reassures you that slow and steady wins the race; you've built a strong base, you've got the tools, you're prepared. If you're glimpsing something bigger and brighter just over the horizon, know that you've been building up to this moment for awhile. Stick to the plan.


The New Moon in your sector of friends and groups sets you on a fresh social path. New connections, a new social image or understanding of where you fit into the collective is supported by Saturn in your sign. Saturn is almost done its transit of your sign and it hasn't been easy. This influence will be a reward for the hard work you've put in and the lessons you've learned. Even as Mars' connection to Saturn signals a limit or result, you'll be glad that you put in the effort. Social obligations will be beneficial, and can raise your profile significantly.


Watch for a new job, a position with more prestige or a chance to give yourself some beneficial publicity with this New Moon. It's your chance to shine, so don't hesitate to show everyone what you have to offer. New business launches, job applications and meetings with management are also favoured. You will have some background support with Mars/Saturn, but it may not be obvious. Pay attention to someone quietly offering sensible advice or an overlooked development that you're thinking won't make a big difference.


Surprising/unusual opportunities involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing are what this New Moon has in store for you. If it's different or foreign, it hold promise for you this week. Mars/Saturn lends reassurance in the guise of support from friends or groups; you can go much farther with a bit of help. Even the knowledge that someone may not have your back can be helpful; you'll know not to waste your efforts with them anymore. An existing association or social responsibility can be your springboard to a whole new future.


This New Moon can trigger intimacy/sharing issues that feel bold and overwhelming. You won't be in control, and that's not comfortable. Regardless, you're starting a new chapter when it comes to letting down your boundaries, and you'll get some reassurance from Mars/Saturn when you see that your future goals/career/public image somehow mesh nicely with these new developments. Could it be that more appreciation in your personal life boosts your public life? Alternatively, watch for positive financial developments that are connected to all the hard work you've been putting into moving your career forward. Finally, a payoff.


It's full steam ahead as the New Moon lights up your relationship sector. Watch for a new relationship or bold initiative in an existing partnership.  What happens now will reflect your commitment to being with someone who appreciates you fully. No more pseudo relationships or sloppy seconds. Mars/Saturn's position in your opportunities sector encourages you to stretch a little bit beyond the familiar; someone totally different has more long term potential than you think. Alternatively, limits on where you wanted to go/stretch could open other doors.


The New Moon gives you an incentive to re-charge your health/exercise routine or organize your work environment to maximum effectiveness. Changes at work can be invigorating, whether they're initiated by you or someone else. Mars/Saturn lends support in the form of financial assistance or the final clearing of loans/debts. If you're still feeling the weight of debts/financial restrictions, this influence can give you the initiative to clear it away. Either way, polishing up your daily routine will give you significant payoffs.