Focus, Clarity, Healing; Mercury's Transit of Virgo

Transits of Mercury don't spark much excitement. They're not sexy, dramatic or destructive. But Mercury's current tour of Virgo will present some serious opportunities for game changing thoughts/communication/writing.

Right now Mercury in Virgo is approaching a trine with Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn.  This means intensified thoughts. Big deal? Think about it; everything you do/write/create starts out in your head. Problems arise when what you think does not translate into the real world. Maybe you're blocked, scared, confused..who knows. Perhaps you were thrown off track by Mercury's confusing opposition to Neptune in Pisces (on September 1st).

Pluto trine Mercury will intensify your thoughts to the point where they'll come out, full strength. The way you envisioned them in your head. And people will pay attention. Excellent for writers, speakers, managers, counsellors. Anyone who needs to get their point across will benefit from this influence. It's exact on September 4th.

On the same day, Mercury will oppose Chiron (The Wounded Healer) in Pisces. Normally I would advise caution, suggesting that you watch what you say because you could step on someone's toes. But that smooth trine to Pluto indicates that even the stickiest discussions (with all kinds of messy, emotional undertones) can stay on track if you:

  • Stick to the facts (Virgo)
  • Talk/write about the core stuff (Pluto)

In other words, you can be blunt if you focus precisely on what you want to say. Words  are not weapons here, they're tools. This works best for work communications, but a personal conversation can also benefit if you need to clear the air. If you're facing writer's block or fear of public speaking, this transit can present a breakthrough. Once again, focus on the essentials (Virgo). Forget about what you want to accomplish for a second; what do you need to accomplish? What's critical? Start with that and you'll hook into Pluto's magnetic, focused pull. 

From September 4th to September 10th, Mercury will close in on a conjunction with the Sun at 18 degrees Virgo.  This can be the time when plans/outlines/intentions (that were hatched with Mercury's trine to Pluto) all come together. It's a fusion of pure, conscious energy (Sun) with communication/intellect (Mercury).  Watch for clarity, realizations and "ah-ha" moments without the unpleasant surprises. This is Virgo, so it's all rational.

Don't underestimate what you can do with these transits.

Those with planets between 4-18 degrees Virgo/Pisces, and 6-7 degrees Capricorn will benefit the most from this energy.