Horoscopes for September 23rd to September 30th


The Full Moon in Aries hits on September 29th.  It will be strongly influenced by Uranus' transit of Aries, so expect some jolts and revelations. Full Moons involve completions; the events of the past month will have led up to this. But Uranus always likes a clean break, so endings or accelerations may feel abrupt. Freedom, initiative and clarity will be the themes.


The Full Moon propels you onto the next page, ready or not. Issues involving  the freedom to express yourself versus partnership needs will reach a tipping point. Where you end up next depends on how you balance the urge to start fresh with an existing relationship, or existing relationship habits. Will you be moving forward with someone, or is this where you part ways? It's up to you, but know that your actions may have already decided the issue, earlier in the month. Uranus' revolutionary activity in your sign will be a critical part of this Full Moon; make sure you're moving forward with a purpose, and not just running away.


This Full Moon can bring hidden or unacknowledged matters to the surface. Anything that has been ignored, put off or swept under the rug will come out of hiding. Alternatively, a surprise development or potential may pop up, opening a door to something you had given up on. Either way, health and/or your daily work will be impacted. Pay special attention to breakdowns (with co-workers or routines) or physical/mental issues. The causes will have hidden origins, but the symptoms will be out there for everyone to see.


Friendships and group dynamics can be particularly volatile on this Full Moon. Simmering issues involving your personal goals/drive for attention will clash with the group, or one person in particular. Conflicts can erupt out of nowhere (although the issue will have been brewing for awhile). Certain friendships may end, while others may achieve a new level of honesty. You won't have much control over who stays and who goes; just aim for a balanced expression (of your ambitions) that takes the needs of others into consideration.


Career versus home is on the firing line with this Full Moon. Your public image/status/professional goals have been accelerating at the speed of light, and this Moon will trigger a turning point. Certain projects/job offers will move to the next level, while others will vanish. It will be unmistakable if it's meant to stay or go. Whatever happens, keep family/partnership concerns in mind because those closest to you have a lot invested. Before you leap ahead, remember who's got your back .


The Full Moon brings distant opportunities up close, where they will either accelerate or fall apart. Long distance travel, foreign affairs, education, publishing or legal matters will be the arena, and sudden/unexpected or exotic will be the rules by which you're playing. Whether it's hear to stay or not, know that Uranus will continue to broaden your horizons and urge you to follow your dreams. Don't be afraid to have expectations.


This Full Moon can trigger what's compulsive, obsessive or beyond your control. Your security will be rocked, but you'll also be propelled into a new level of intimacy, acceptance or courage. Whether you're letting someone go, or letting someone in, embrace all outcomes with equal enthusiasm. Alternatively, shared finances (debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances) can reach a critical point; it will be time to pay what you owe, or sudden expenses can pop up. Confrontation and a straightforward  plan of attack will serve you better than avoidance.


Relationships will defy your expectations or be challenged/liberated on this Full Moon. Uranus in your partnership sector has ensured that your love life has not been dull, and this Moon will bring events of the past month to a head. Whether a partnership ends or jumps to the next level, your task will be to roll with it. The old relationship rules simply do not apply anymore; you're on your way to developing a more independent identity in relationships.


The Full Moon will bring health and/or work issues to a head. Watch for a jolt to your routine, the conclusion of a medical matter or a realization about what you need to fix, correct or do for another. Uranus has been shaking up your health and work sector for sometime, urging you to revitalize your habits and self-care. The Full Moon will drive this point home. This is an excellent influence for breaking unhealthy/unproductive habits or putting an end to work conflicts.


This Full Moon could introduce a new and exciting love interest or creative goal. The theme will be expressing your personal desires, which Uranus has been stirring up. Who or what catches your attention may be the last thing you expected. Alternatively, a romance in its early stages (but not an established relationship) or project may end suddenly; if this is the case, know that you're being freed up to pursue something that more closely reflects your changing goals. Either way, use these events to propel you towards a more courageous expression of your potential.


Who are you? It's a basic question, but your understanding of this may have been shaken. The Full Moon can bring home/family issues to a turning point, or break you free from the past, once and for all. Issues concerning your family identity have been in flux, thanks to Uranus. Now the question is, how much longer will you allow old associations/patterns to define you? A relocation, unexpected family news or confrontation may tie into this. Even if you're not thrilled with it, you'll have no choice but to work with this new scenario; forward is the only way to go.


The Full Moon can bring a final message, goodbye or decision to cut off contact. Your communication efforts over the past month will either bear fruit, or be revealed as a wrap up. Questions about whether your efforts were too much, just right, poorly or perfectly timed will be answered. Conversations will be volatile, so choose your words carefully. But in some ways, it doesn't matter because your next step will be crystal clear. You can't control others' responses, but you can choose to focus your thoughts on empowering future plans.


This will be a liberating Full Moon that could rock your personal security, or free you to pursue much more. Uranus has already been radically re-defining what you need, but this Moon will bring financial or emotional issues to a head. You may be forced to let go of a source of support/income, or an option that you've been nurturing could gain momentum.  Look to the past month to see which direction events have been moving in. No matter what happens, the future is still wide open and exciting financial and/or relationship possibilities are out there. Keep working on more aggressive ways of getting what you need.