Horoscopes for September 2nd to September 9th


Venus moves into Leo on September 6; the energy of love and money is fired up to get attention. But with Leo, beauty really is more than skin deep. The full potential of this  Fire sign is about personal pride and accomplishment. Relationships can easily founder on the glittery rocks of appearance (in this sign), but if you dig a bit deeper you'll see that the quality of romantic attraction is paramount. Same goes for money; it's tempting to overspend with this influence, but consider if what you're buying has any value beyond who you're trying to impress.


Venus fires up your romance and creativity sector. It's time to appreciate what makes you special, because others will be sitting up and taking notice. Take pride in your personal charm, magnetism, creativity ability and special goals. This influence is fantastic for launching a creative project, attracting romantic admirers or just relaxing and having fun. This can be an auspicious time for those trying to conceive a child.


When Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of home and family, everyone close to you becomes a bit warmer and more appreciative. Expect increased harmony with those you live with, a desire to fancy up your abode or the urge to entertain at home. A home business launch can grab favourable attention now. It's all about having pride in where you come from. The only caveat? You'll be tempted to overspend on home/celebratory luxuries in order to impress others; try to exercise some moderation.


Say it, write it, post it…even if you have to scribble it on a cocktail napkin, make sure you get your message out there. Venus in your communication sector helps you spin your message until it sparkles. You can sell, convince and charm others, because Venus' energy helps you connect with others in exactly the right way. And don't be afraid to brag a bit; you can make yourself sound pretty special. Alternatively, you could receive a desired (and highly romantic) answer or message. Keep the lines open!


Venus sails into your security sector, bringing financial opportunities and sweet, emotional success. The amount that you gain will be in direct proportion to how much you think you deserve, so don't hold back. You can ask for more (that includes a raise, additional opportunity for earning income or having your emotional needs met) and you'll have a pretty good chance of getting it. Keep tabs on spending; the urge for retail therapy will be strong. There's nothing wrong with buying a few luxuries, just make sure  they're not a band aid for deeper issues.


Venus in your sign is always good news. She shines extra brightly here, even if the past few months have seen you feeling less than attractive/deserving. Venus aims to bring back some of that pride as she draws favourable attention your way. Suddenly, you'll be able to put difficulties/wounds to your pride behind you and move forward with ease and confidence. Enjoy, and remember that Venus attracts what you feel you deserve.


Venus enters your sector of hidden things, asking you to pull back and consider overlooked potentials. Is there more going on here? What will happen if you acknowledge it? Explore the unknown, but keep it to yourself for now. More will unfold throughout the month. Right now, consider this to be the flame you are quietly nurturing. Eventually it will be time for everyone to see its light, but not yet. Consider this hopeful potential; you have more to offer than you realize.


As Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of friends and groups, it will be a social high point for you. You can be Master or Mistress of Ceremonies at your own insanely successful bash, or be a sparkling guest at someone else's. Not only will you be your usual  classy self, you'll get an added boost of fiery confidence; Venus in Leo puts the spotlight on your needs, for once.  Big time romance is a distinct possibility as well; meetings through friends or at large gatherings are where you could meet someone special.


Venus helps you shine in your career as she brings creative/social opportunities for you to strut your stuff. This is your moment to show everyone why they should hire you, promote you or buy your services. You're capable of grabbing the spotlight now, so step up with confidence. The theme is business accomplishments that satisfy you on a personal level. There is a chance of mixing business with pleasure, as well; watch that this doesn't take the shine off your professional reputation.


What else is out there? Venus helps you find out as she moves into your sector of long distance travel, education, publishing and legal matters. New opportunities beckon, and they all involve reaching out beyond what's familiar. Whether this involves exploring new locations, long distance romance, taking new courses or new chances, it's a favourable time for you to take a calculated risk.


Venus intensifies romantic intimacy as she urges you to celebrate with someone special. An existing relationship can deepen, and it can all feel a bit overwhelming. It's ok to enjoy this, and you may even feel an unexpected surge of confidence as you navigate these deep waters. Alternatively, if money is a concern, Venus can bring relief in the form of a generous loan, offer to help or financial gift.


Venus moves into your relationship sector, upping the potential for a serious romantic partnership. Existing relationships can become sweeter, but also more demanding, as a partner asks for more of your time. This is always a tricky area for you, as meeting the needs of another involves giving up a bit of your independence. As always, consider how important it is for you to share your life. BTW, Venus in Leo is about the quality of   romance, not just the glitter. When in doubt about a potential partner, ask yourself if they make you proud.


Venus boosts your health, work and daily routines. Co-worker relationships will run extra smoothly now (with the added fun of some possible workplace flirtations). Daily tasks, chores and responsibilities should all have pleasing solutions and outcomes. Certain health issues can work out in your favour and in general you'll feel relaxed and vitalized. The only thing that might suffer is your sense of discipline; sticking to a diet or exercise routine will be a challenge.